4~Back to the old ways.

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Dylan's POV

I groan as I wake up and the sun's ray shine through the windows. My head is killing me and the sun makes my eyes hurt. It's always like this every Saturday, I wake up with a massive headache because I drown myself in drinks the night before. You would think I'd stop, but the drinks always seem so good at the moment that I'm drinking them. I turn around on my guest room's bed and notice that the girl, Cindy or Christy, that I was with last night already left. I'm glad that she got the memo, it was a one nightstand and nothing else.

I grab my phone; the time reads twelve thirty two pm and I missed a bunch of calls from Rebecca. I wonder what she wanted, I toss my phone on the bed and put on my boxers. Walking into my kitchen, I grab a bottle of water and some painkillers in the cabinet. I throw the pill in my mouth and as I take a gulp of my water my door opens. I turn around to see who it is because no one has the key to my condo, "hey Dyl," Rebecca says taking a seat on one of my stools.

"How did you get my key?" I ask her. I don't even know why I ask, she probably picked the lock to get in here. Nothing she does surprise me anymore.

"I made a copy of your spare key, now I have a key to your house," she says with a warm smile.

"I'm not even going to say anything," my head is killing me and I do not feel like arguing with her today. "What are you doing here?" I demanded.

"Can't I come to see my best friend?" She puts her dark hair in a ponytail while she walks to my fridge. She takes out ham and stuff to make herself a sandwich. Just help yourself Rebecca, no big deal. "You have no mayo," she says closing the fridge door.

"I don't like mayo like that," I tell her taking a seat on a stool. "Please make me one too," I add. She rolls her eyes at me, but take out extra bread to make me a sandwich. "And you still didn't answer my question?"

"Why didn't you tell me that Marie-Anne was here?" She questions.

"I didn't think it was important, how do you know she's here?"

"I saw her this morning, but you'll never believe where," she chuckles while adding lettuce on the turkey sandwiches.

"Where?" I inquire not even a bit interested. Where or what Marie-Anne did was none of my business.

"Coming out of A.D.A Brown's apartment," she says handing me my sandwich on a plate. I take a huge bite chewing it down slowly. Man, this is good, I am indeed hungry. I gulp down the sandwich and take a sip of my water. Rebecca sits across from me and starts eating her sandwich.

"And how the hell you know it was Brown's apartment?" I ask after already eating half of my sandwich.

"I live in the same apartment building as him," she answers. "Wait, you already knew that they were dating?"

"They are not dating, it's against the rules," I tell her, "not unless they want all the cases they've ever worked together under review. Both their licenses could get suspended."

"You seem like you know everything."

"Yes, I do, I did a little research. They've went against each other for over fifty cases for the last year only, they wouldn't want them to go under review. So, they are just fucking each other not dating," I clarify.

"Mhmm, yeah, I never pictured Marie-Anne to be that type of girl, but okay. What are you going to do about it?"

"Do about what?"

"About Marie-Anne."

"Nothing, we are not dating, I think she can fuck who ever she wants."

"You went to a lot of trouble to just let it go. You and Marie-Anne crossed paths again, don't you think that is fate saying that you should be together?" I finish my sandwich and just stare into her brown eyes. This girl is crazy, fate, I don't believe in fate or whatever people say these days.

"It's a small world, we were bond to run into each other," I tell her. She huffs at me and gets up taking out a soda in the fridge.

"Do you remember Mandy?" She asks and I nod my head. "You dated her junior year in high school right?"

"Yeah, what does that have to do with anything?"

"Didn't she leave for her senior year? I think she moved to another county or some shit like that." She opens her soda and starts drinking,

"Yeah," I say still not getting where she is going with this.

"That was ten years ago and you've never ran into her. Did you know that she actually lives in this city? I think if you did run into Marie-Anne, it means you should be together. It's fate."

"Mhmm, since when do you believe in fate?" I ask her shanking my head.

"Since, since like forever," she says biting the bottom of her pink lips. "Dylan, you've never had a serious relationship after her for god's sake. You're even back to your old ways."

"I did have a serious relationship. I dated Amber for like a year," I say getting up from my stool. I am getting a little annoy with Bex right now.

"All you guys did was argue and have angry sex, I'm sorry but I don't think that was a relationship."

"That's the problem, you are thinking. No one asked you to think Rebecca, I repeat no one," I say raising my voice. She stares at me without budging. She's use to my insults by now, I guess that's why she's my best friend.

"Whatever Dylan, I'm leaving, I got a new case I'm working. This crazy lady hired me to see if her husband is cheating on her, pathetic," she says pushing me away. "Go take a shower and clean this place up, it smells like pussy that haven't been washed for like a year," she says slamming the front door.

Fate, fate, that thing does not exist. I let Marie-Anne go a long time ago and I do not want to take that ride back to my past. I don't have time for relationships now anyways. I put everything back to where they belong and start cleaning up the place.


Do you guys believe in fate?

Au revoir...

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