How You All Meet (Part 1)

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                       Y/N's POV

Oh great! This is just bloody brilliant this is exactly what I need. These people chasing me, cause I don't have enough on my case! (Note the heavy sarcasm) If your wondering what I'm talking about let's go back about a day.


I wake up in an ally like usual but of course I have shelter I would be stupid if I didn't. I get up and make sure absolutely no one is around then I turn back visible. I then get out the ally and star moving again this is my natural daily cycle. I go somewhere, hide, put my invisibility up, rest, and sometimes find food. In 2 days usually no more I'm off. This is for my own survival considering many organizations are after me. I stop I'm hungry again I mean I have not eaten in days, I'm ahead of schedule​, and I have not been followed or spotted so far, so I'm going to eat. 


I've eaten and I'm already out that town which was huge and on the edge of a new town where there are many places to hide. But I have to be careful I'm going in one of those towns like New York with a lot of pervs around. Oh well let's hope they don't come near me. My magic has been on the down low and I need to keep it that way. So i'd probably use hand to hand combat cause using my weapons would surely raise suspicion in a quite town like this beside things like the lil' nasties who go in the allies and rape girls and most of the time they kill them after so. It's now dark and I'm in an ally how ironic. And then like 15 dudes walk into the ally I'm not surprised​ because I sensed them and as much as I hated admitting it i'd have to use my magic this is just so perfect. I'm going right back on their bloody blasted radar that has been bloody hell getting off (If you have not figured it out by now yes Y/N is a Potter Head deal with it). Since I really knew I was going to have to run immediately sensing there were some people set up near to confirm if I was who they wanted and to go at me if I was who they wanted.I quickly blast all of them dead knowing they would have killed me after and I teleport out the ally and on the other edge of the town. I started running so fast I'm running faster than Quick Silver but I'm not breaking a sweat as arrows shot by me but me dodging them.

            END OF FLASHBACK

Dang it I can tell two things. One this is not Hydra. And two none of the other organizations are this good except SHIELD so it's them. I know exactly what is about to happen they are going to shoot me with a dart so they can take me with them. I feel it pierce me it does nothing else but I act like it does. So I "fall" and before I land I feel someone's arms wrap around me they are cold and metallic so it's Ironman. He says "We got her she's different than the rest no wonder fury wanted her. And now I know why he wanted all of us to go after her."I slightly opened my eyes and looked around all the other avengers were there. I mean ALL of them Hulk, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, Loki (I made him nice-ish deal with it), Ironman, Falcon, Spiderman, Bucky, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Quick Silver, Black Panther,War Machine,Ant Man, and Deadpool (even though he is not an avenger). I close my eyes still even breathing and limp." Tony scan her she can fake things but she can't play Jarvis." Black Widow said. "Jarvis scan her." Jarvis then scanned me . So I magically confused Jarvis. Jarvis said "It appears that the life force is unconscious." So it seemed like I was out and their plan worked even though it did not I simply decided to see what would happen. And then they got in a jet to take me to their leader (get the slight reference) aka Fury.

A/N : Hello guys I'm new at this please don't just say rude things to bring me down.  I love writing and I want to share what I can do with the world constructive criticism is ok and please 5 votes if you want to know what happens in part 2.

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