Part 8- Meet and Greet

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Jess' P.O.V

And the spotlight went on me "Jess!" They screamed and I jumped down and the music continued and I saw the Few fly down and we hugged "I missed you guys" I said "We did too" They said and broke the hug and we just did what we were supposed to do like Q n' A and others. After all of that was done we went to the back "Let's teleport to Sly's house and eat there" Katz said "Not a bad idea but if we teleport there it would cost a lot" Pbat said "Not really" I said and I teleported everyone there "I'm a bit rusty but hey I teleported everyone here" I said "Jess you can make food" Barney said (I'm getting lazy to make Barney have different words he says, I'll just make him have normal talk) "I'll make it" I said and went to the kitchen and grabbed some ingredients and started and cooked "I didn't ask awhile ago but why did you leave Jess?" Alex asked "It was because of Loki, He forced me" I said and I didn't want to say that I was with them because it was going to down somewhere else "Alright" They said and I finished cooking. Once we finished eating we went back to the convention and we went to the booths and there were a lot of them "Hi!" I said "Oh my Irene! Am I really talking to Jess? The one who is the best YouTuber? YAAAAAA!!!!! Please sign the shirt I got from your merch?" A fangirl asked "Sure" I said and signed her shirt she had "Thank you so much!" The fan said "No problem!" I said and she left and next was Aaron "Hi!" I said "Hey Jess please sign this" Aaron said and gave me a notebook "Sure" I said and signed it "Thank you!" Aaron said and everyone else in Mystreet were next.

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