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Justin's POV

So  Tara and I have been on tour for a 3 months now and she hasn't really made friends. So I decided to invite a few girls over that I thought would make good friends for her.

As I was on stage practicing I looked over and saw the girls had arrived. I smiled over at them and walked over. 

"Hey girl, thank you so much for coming out here and meeting Tara."

"No problem." one of the girls said.

"We are so exited to meet her." another said.

There was 4 girls I thought would make good friends for Tara.

"Alright come with me girls I believe she's on the bus.

The girls and I walked  to the bus. I opened the door and saw Tara was on her phone. 

"Hey Tara baby."

"Yeah Justin?"

OH forgot we havn't made up yet. 

"I have a few people here I would like you to meet."

All the girls said Hi.

"Hi." Tara said with a smile. 

"This is Ally, Normani, Lauren, and Dinah."

"Nice to meet you!" They all said at the same time.

"Nice to meet you guys too." Tara giggled. 

"Okay I guess I'll leave you girls to talk and hangout and do whatever girls do. "

Tara's POV

I sat with all the girls. We have been laughing and talking for hours. They are all so sweet and funny and kind. 

"Oh my god remember that time Ally fell while we where performing?" Dianh asked while laughing

"OH MY GOODNESS YES!" Ally said laughing. 

"And then you fell on Zac Efron!" Normani said

"JUST STOP!" Ally yelled. 

We where all bending over laughing. 

I looked over and got a text form Austin.

"Hey babe." 

I ignored it and got back to listening to the girls.


"YES!" I screamed.

"We are very crazy girls." Lauren said.

"Agreed!" We all said at the same time. We all laughed then headed off the bus to go shopping. 

Austin's POV

I just texted Tara and she's not answering my calls. I sighed havily. 

"Did she answer?" my manger asked.


"Austin she can not brake up with you, god what are we going to do?" My manger said worried.

"I don't know?"

"Oh I got it, tweet her, something like "I miss you baby." shit like that."


I grabbed my phone and hit twitter.

'Missing my baby.'

'@TaraBieber where you at?'

'Miss you @TaraBieber.'

'Love you @TaraBieber' 

"Still nothing" I said.

"Okay looks like your going to have to go and visit her." My Manger said.

"Okay?" I said with a question.


Dear Followers, 

Here is a sob story.......this is the last chapter of the much more updates.............maybe i'll come back in a few months I don't know. THIS WAS THE LAST STRAW. Love you guys thank you so much for reading my stories. I'm crying typing this to you guys. LOVE YOU! Xoxo

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