Chapter 14

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Rosalie's POV

                        Once Jasper, Alice and Lacey left I completely blew up.

                        "This is all your fault Edward!" I screamed at Edward throwing my fist down onto the table again, making it split again.

            "Me! This is not my all my fault!" Edward screamed back at me fuming. So typical of Edward not to take any kind of responsibility for this

                        "Yes it is! You started this and are making all three of them move out of here! You ruin everything!" I scream.

            "Because she is being an idiot she can't love a dog! Plus, I didn't see you sticking up for her earlier today okay!" Edward shouted back and then I realized he was right. I never stood up for because I don't support her. I just don't want her moving out of the house.

            "Enough!" Esme shouted at us.

                        "Everyone is upset at the moment. Let's all just give each other some space. If Lacey, Jasper and Alice are want to move out it's their choice. If it's what's going to make them happy then we all need to support their decision" Carlisle said being the peace keeper of course. I just huffed and walked away as Emmett followed me.

Seth's POV

            I got a phone call saying to meet us at a house that was for sale. I was confused at first, but then a couple of seconds later I saw 2 cars pull up one right after another. In a silver Mazda was a lady who looked to be about in her late 20's early 30's and in a red convertible was Jasper, driving, Alice; in the passenger seat and Lacey in the back seat with her hands waving up in the air and laughing at something Alice told her. They got out and Lacey walked human speed to me. I was ready to embrace her in a hug when I met her lips before I was even able to process what was happening she pulled away.

            "Surprise" She said with a smile as the lady stifled a laugh and Alice and Jasper just chuckled.

            "So why are we here?" I asked still confused as to why she wanted me to meet her at that house.

            "We're moving out as in Jasper, Alice and me and we're buying a house. I want to see what you think. Since technically this area does not break the treaty" She whispered the last part in my ear. "Meaning, you can come and go as you please" She finished with a smile plastered on her face. I smiled and nodded and we were led inside.


            "I like that house" I said and Lacey nodded.

            "Me too"

            "Yeah, I do as well" Jasper agreed

            "Shall we make an offer?" The lady, real estate agent whose name was Stacey asked us

            "Yes we should" Alice spoke for us all.

            "Well, let me make a phone call real quick. I can't remember if this home is state owned or not" She said and we all said okay. She walked away talking quickly on her cell phone.

            "So what happened that is making you three move out?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.

            "Another argument with Edward; I was planning to move out by myself, but these two have decided to move with me so yeah" She said and I laughed a bit. The lady came back.

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