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This book is being rewritten so some chapters will have terrible grammar and others will be good written. I hope you enjoy~

Also you are whatever gender you want to be in this book.


He loves to give you big bear hugs. He loves to hug and cuddle you. Sometimes while you two hug, he will pull out a lollipop and give it to you.


Whenever you hug him, he will blush and tense up then relax and hug back a little, mumbling you will get wrinkles in his uniform.


Everytime you two hugs, he will be sure to massage your ass and kiss you. When you tell him to be less pervy, he will just snicker and say no.


Whenever he is writing, you like to cuddle up against his side. Usually he shuts his laptop close and will cuddle back. Both will have fun cuddling and making jokes.


He loves to sneak up behind you before giving you a tight hug, loving the scared/shocked yelp you let out.  He will tease you about the funny yelp you let out.


He likes it when he is studying his script and you cuddle with him. He will make you help him with remembering the script while you two cuddle.


He isn't the biggest fan of cuddles but he doesn't mind hugs. He likes it when you randomly hug him. He will gladly wrap his arms around you and chuckle, asking what you want or how your day was.


He loves it when you give him a big bear hug as a "thank you" for doing your hair. Sometimes his mind will be in the clouds and he won't even realize that he had wrapped his arms around you.


He will always  begin stuttering and get a bright red face. He will be making up excuses but you know he loves being hugged since his arms will be holding you tightly.


He likes to sit in the garden and cuddle with you and watch the clouds. He loves it when you randomly run to him then give him a tight bear hug and kiss his cheek, saying you love him. He will usually chuckle, hug back and say he also loves you.


The first few times you hugged him, his face became as bright as his hair and he would stutter out words, unsure what to do. But eventually he got used to your random hugs and would hug back, muttering how embarrassing it is when you hug him in front of his brothers.


He would be smug about it, saying you should feel honored for being hugged by an amazing idol like him. He will always try to give your ass a squeeze, enjoying the yelp you let out.


This clingy boy loves hugs. Before you can even think of hugging him, he will already be hugging you tightly and yelling how much he loves you.

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