Driving to my Death

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Try not to cry.

It was my time to die.

The car sped so fast,

I knew that breath would be my last.

Know that I love you,

I know that you love me too.

Sorry I stormed out,

what were we fighting about?

Sorry for trying to fight,

I know that you were right.

I tried to be the best,

but now there's glass embedded in my chest.

I was driving alone

and I picked up the phone.

Sorry Mom, Sorry Dad.

Remember the good times we had?

Sorry I acted mean,

I was just being a teen.

I sent one text

and was awaiting the next,

and now I'm done,

the battle I fought could not be won.

I didn't listen to my gut,

my phone I should have shut.

It's a large price to pay,

Sorry I had to die this way.

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