bonus convo: 7 : 4 5 PM

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"Who do you think you are?"



"...Coffee Kale?.."

"That's better. But what is this crap?"

"What? Your doodle?"

"Don't start with me. This, how am I suppose to draw on this?"

"Well, it's better for hot drinks. It's called a mug. Cool, huh?"



"Don't use that tone with me. Get this waste of material out of my sight."

"What?! I used money to buy this for you! What else was I suppose to get you on your birthday?"

"A pencil sharpener."

"But you use pen!"

"Exactly. Wouldn't make a difference from this mug. Both useless."

"You're telling me you'll never use it?"

"Maybe I'll make a lil' shrine of you and place it as a token of your disrespect to me."

"Screw that. I'll return it. I want my money back."

"Suit yourself. But use the money for something that will be resourceful."

"Ha, like what?"

"Foam cups."

"..Don't talk to me anymore."

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