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[I was debating on whether to make her story about facing domestic abuse or bullying... I chose bullying, hopefully I made the right choice. I'll save the abuse card for a rainy day....]

[From Watamote]

[P.S ~ This is my Second Favorite.]

And one of the stories that will have a sequel to it.

There she goes Tomoko again, herself at the table. Almost everyone ignores her for being awkward and perverted nature.

"Poor Tomoko".

"The girl who likes dick...".

"She's so lonely, I have to invite her again".

"That makes it the 24th time".

Just then several girls came by, and harassed Tomoko, they called her names, and even spilled milk on her shirt on "accident".

"Damn that's cold, that milk was in a the fridge for the entire day!".

"I'll be back".

As the girls left, Tomoko sat their alone, and wet. She was gonna cry again until Y/N came by. He sat next to her, and asked if she wanted to hang out with his friends again. Both Tomoko and Y/N had been good friends since she came here, they meet each other in a group assignment.

"No, it's fine".

"Nonsense, your my friend, I'm not gonna let you walk all day wet".

"What size are you in shirts?".

"Medium slim".

"Come with me".

Y/N walked Tomoko over to his table, some of the girls around her began to name call her for being with Y/N. They yelled that he is doing it for pity, and many others.

They made it to the table, she sat next to Y/N's seat.

"Keep her company, I'll be back in 5 minutes".

"Your gonna do it are you...?".

"I have to".

"You owe her big time then".

Y/N went to the hallway, and called his younger sister for a huge favor, he wanted a spare shirt of hers for a friend of his.

At first she was skeptical, but soon gave in and quickly rode her bike to his school. Y/N walked outside, he was surprised that she even came, she was down with the cold.

"Thanks, but shouldn't be out while recovering".

"I know, but who's gonna bring the shirt to Tomoko?".

"How'd you know it was Tomoko?".

"She's the only person that's get bullied like that, besides, we sometimes talk".

"What does she say?".

"All I'm gonna say is, your pretty blind, because you don't see what's really in front of you!".

"Geez, cranky much".

Sister - Mumbling
"Tomoko likes you, you idiot, why can't see it".


"Nothing, give that shirt to her you idiot!".

Y/N went back inside, passing through students, and back into the the lunchroom. Jay and Adam smiled at Y/N.

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