Chapter 6

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I'm so so sorry that I've not been updating this book. I just moved out of state getting ready for school and other stuff also. So, here is this chapter I promised to update a few months back!

Thomas POV
  Today is Monday, a school day. Not feeling too up for it. I have this bad feeling somethings about to happen?

"Hey, you ok?" asked Newt
"Ya just off I guest."
"Ok well get up and get ready so we can go to school."
I nodded and put on a dark green, short sleeves shirt and black jeans.
I got my backpack and headed downstairs
"Hey kiddo." my dad says.
"Hey, we gotta go but I'll call when we come home."
"Okay, just be careful?"
"Can't promise anything" I said and Minho, Newt, and I jumped in the truck and towards the school.

Scott POV
  I'm at my locker when I smell something.
"You smell that?" asked Malia.
I nodded and started to look around. I saw nothing. We shake it off and walk towards the others.
"So.... What are we doing today. I dont know , we didn't talk to Thomas and his friends for two days now." said Liam.
"I honestly don't know." replied Lydia.
I got distracted as the scent kept coming closer and closer. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turned around. A teenager about my age stood there.
" can one of you help me around this place. I'm confuse." asked the person.
"Ya just tell me your name first." said Lydia.
"I'm Theo Walcott."

Sorry it's so short! That's all I could write today cause it's about 1 in the morning. But I will update tonight to finish this cliffhanger.

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