After the Kiss - Part 4

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A/N: So, Alex inspired me to come out to my parents yesterday. So I did. Through text. >_> But hey, at least I was able to do it. 

After Carly graduated, I got through senior year with just Malcolm at my side

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After Carly graduated, I got through senior year with just Malcolm at my side. At the end of the graduation ceremony, we snapped selfies in between texting our location to our families as we walked to meet them.

"Alex!" I heard a woman call and stopped walking.

Mrs. Santos was standing near the outer doors with Mr. Santos and Liam's little sister, Lily, by her side.

"Congratulations!" She moved towards me, arms extended and pulled me into a hug.

"Thank you."

The other two Santos congratulated me as well. I glanced behind me wondering where Malcolm had gone but didn't see him.

"Where are your mom and aunt?" Mrs. Santos asked.

"My mom said they're standing by a tree," I said, lifting my cell phone and feeling really awkward talking to the mother of my ex-best friend. "As if there's not more than one tree outside." I rolled my eyes.

Mrs. Santos smiled in amusement.

Then Mr. Santos shouted, "Liam! Our graduate!" and I hesitantly turned around to see Liam slowly walking towards us.

I lifted my hand to wave goodbye to Mrs. Santos. "I'm goin---"

"Let me get a picture of you two." As Mrs. Santos smiled, I tried not to look as shell-shocked and nervous as I felt. Glancing at Mr. Santos, I could tell he knew his wife's actions were pushing doors better left closed.

She pulled out her cell phone and motioned for Liam and me to stand closer. "Get together." Like the obedient children we were, we took the few steps towards each other. A foot of distance remained between us when we stopped and turned to the camera. I took a deep breath then pasted on a picture-perfect smile.

"Great!" Mrs. Santos exclaimed after tapping her phone a few times.

As she lowered it, signalling the end of picture-taking, I turned to Liam. "Congrats."

Liam looked at me, cheesy smile fading. "Yeah."

And then we turned away from each other. That was the final time I saw Liam before moving 190km away for uni in August.

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