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"Hey I heard you were a wild one


If I took you home

It'd be a home run

Show me how you'll do

I want to shut down the club

With you

Hey I heard you like the wild ones

Oooh "

        -Wild One Flo Rida Ft.Sia

Chapter One

"This party is amazing!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.I'd been partying hard for the last two hours.I loved when Caleb threw parties because they were always off the roof.I was currently on top of Caleb's dinning room table while a guy,whose name I'd forgotten,was next to me on the floor ready to catch me in case I fell.I jumped on top of the table to the new song that came on.My ultimate favorite song was playing and even though I was in danger of falling off this table and breaking my arm I didn't care.I jumped around and in my drunken state walked off the edge of the table.Luckily for me no-name guy caught me.I smiled in thanks.

"Wow,you're a wild one aren't you?"He smirked and damn was he cute with his dirty blond hair in his face.He'd been my dancing partner for the last thirty minutes.Usually by now I'd change dancing buddies but he was too cute to leave.I got off him;grabbed his arm and dragged him to the dance floor.

"You could say that." I responded after a moment.

I swayed my hips to the song and watched as he watched with a satisfied smile.After a minute he started walking closer to me.I put my arms around his neck and he placed his hands on my waist.

"You know I feel like I've seen you before." I slurred.

He smiled that smile I've found to be so cute."Yeah?I've seen you before." he said

"Really?" I asked.How had I not notice him?

"You're kind of hard to miss." He said.

His hazel eyes stared into mine asking a silent question. Want to get out of here? I laughed,how more cute could he get.I led him to one of the rooms upstairs.We passed other couples coming from them.Maybe it was because I was drunk or that this dude was really cute.I didn't regularly hook-up with guys at parties,regardless what people thought.I mostly came because of the free beer and chance to dance my ass off.

We reached an empty room and before I could turn the light on,not that it would be on for long, he pushed me against the door and kissed me.Ordinarily in books this is the part where the girl feels the firework sensation or the butterflies in the stomach.For me none of the above,I tasted beer and a hint of mint.I felt pretty hot but no fireworks or butterflies.He led me towards the bed while kissing me.I felt the bed and laid down with him grabbing my waist and hovering above me.I was sweating from dancing before and sticky so it wasn't as exciting.He began to tug my shirt ,but before it could reach above my head someone barged through the door.Damn it,I didn't lock the damn thing!

"Oh,sorry my bad." A guy with sleek black hair said.He was about to close the door when he looked back in and did a double take of no-name guy.Wow,still don't know the guys name and I'm willing to have sex with him? I must be really drunk.

"Derek? Dude Hayley's going crazy looking for you.Where have you been?" The black hair guy said.No-name,I really should learn his name,looked like a deer caught in the headlights.He looked from me to the guy.I raised my eyebrows in question.

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