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"So you cried? After all this time, you finally cried?" Bo-mi looked skeptical as she stared at me, trying to see the truth.

I frowned. "What do you mean 'finally'?! I'll have you know, my intentions were to not cry." I took a handful of popcorn from the bowl on my bed, shoving it into my mouth to stop myself from saying anything else.

She rolled her eyes at me, also eating some popcorn. "That's what I'm saying! You keep trying to act tough and cry by yourself!" Bo-mi sighed sadly. "A young girl like you should not have to be strong for someone else."

I shrugged. "It's alright. I'll just have to be more careful from now on." Shaking off the memory of my tears, I smiled down to my friend. "Anyways, this is going to be our last night sleeping together. Let's do something fun!"

Pulling at her arms, I tugged her off my bed and towards the wide TV hand-me-down. I turned it on, but not before handing her a microphone. "Since we can't do this all night, might as well make each other go deaf now."

Bo-mi grinned at the microphone. "Karaoke! Let's go!" She played with the TV remote for a moment, readying a song for us. "Let's sing an old one! Backstreet Boys!"

I made a face. "Why? They aren't even that good."

Bo-mi suddenly gasped. "You, you have caused a great sin worth immense punishment!" She spoke into the mic to make her voice appear louder and have an echoing effect. "I will not attend tomorrow!"

Laughing, I nodded. "I guess I won't have a bridesmaid, then," I joked. Rest aside, I jumped up slightly on my toes with excitement. "Play the song anyway!"

She clicked onto an older song, preparing herself to sing it as loud and dramatic as she could. I, too, was clearing my throat to ready myself. We were use to doing this, but this time it would probably be the last for a long while.

You are, my fire.

The one, desire.

Believe when I say,

'I want it that way'.

Dramatic pause from Bo-mi, then it was my turn. I sucked in a sharp breath before practically yelling the next lyrics.

But we, are two worlds apart.

Can't reach to your heart.

When you say,

'I want it that way'.

The song finished quickly, tiring us out just as fast. We had to move on though, knowing our bodies were still filled with up with energy that was needing to be released. We both turned to grin at one another.

"My turn." I scrolled through the song list, looking carefully. "Let's do FT Island," I suggested.

She pouted, looking at the korean group with dissatisfaction. "I only know two songs."

I nodded. "And one of them makes you scream super loud. Plus, it's sad-we get to pretend cry." I clicked on the song with a mischievous grin. "My parents will not love me after this."

Still, why don't you know?

Still, I miss you.

It touched our memories when we loved

So it brings a tear to my eye

I exaggerated my voice a bit to the deeper end, knowing the effect would make it sad. I moved around my best friend, raising my arm over her slightly taller shoulders. I leaned against her and yelled along with the song.

"I need youuuuu!" She shouted into her mic, all the while pointing a slim finger at me. "I love youuuuu!"

The second song had also come to an ending, allowing Bo-mi to choose again. We did that for a few hours before our throats became sore and our breaths left us. Taking a break, we sprawled out on my bed.

"You won't have a voice tomorrow," Bo-mi reminded me. "The priest will make you repeat his words, and there you will be-Lilla Jax, age 15- sounding like an evil witch." She looked to my ceiling as she imagined it.

"I can see it now," she tells me with a laugh. "'Do you, Lilla Jax, take Bak Jae-won to be your lawfully wedded husband?'" She said into the air, pretending to be the church priest. Bo-mi hit my arm as she continued: "And then you will be like, 'Yes, I do'."

I made a face at her growl used to impersonate me. "I will not! Mom has honey tea in the pantry."

Bo-mi sat up. "Really?" She propped her arms behind her back for support. "Should we get some? Then we can wear the facial masks and watch a movie."

I pursed my lips. "Should we?" I took a second to think about it before agreeing. "What kind of movie?"

She grinned. "Anything with Chris Hemsworth."

"I only have Thor. I have a movie with his brother, though. I think it's based off a book."

She nods. "Deal! Let's watch both." She slid off my bed, standing to her feet to cross my bedroom towards the movie pile. I realized I was left getting the food and tea so I made my way down the steps.

My mind was starting to clear again and the dreadful memory of my tears came crawling back. Even if I shook it off, I could still feel Jae's arms wrapped around me as I sobbed in his chest. I could still hear my own cries.

My heart was starting to pound, but luckily I was distracted again. I watched mother scuff her slippers against the tile kitchen floor, making her way towards me. "Hi, mom."

She narrowed her eyes as if she was just sleeping. "Are you going to bed soon?"

I shook my head. "Nope. Just getting some tea for the movies." I walked towards the cabinets, pulling out several boxes of tea and a container of honey.

Mother leaned against the island counter with a yawn. "Well, you might want to think about it. You have a big day tomorrow."

I made a face. "That's at noon."

"Yes, but you will need some sleep. Don't eat any junk food and absolutely no ramen. You wouldn't want swollen cheeks on your wedding day," she reprimands me with a stern expression. After a second, she stepped closer to me. "I can't believe my baby is growing up."

"Mom, I'm fifteen. I have been growing for awhile now."

She shook her head with a laugh. "I just feel bad; making you marry and older kid to please your grandfather." With a sigh, she changed her expression. "Are you sure you wanna do this? We can cancel."

I pursed my lips. "It's fine, mother. Go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow. Night." I kissed her cheek before moving my attention onto the tea again.


가슴은 뛰고 있어
여전히 널 보고 있어
자꾸만 숨이 막혀서

아직은 멀리에서
너를 지켜보고 싶어
내가 또 왜 이러는지

My heart is racing
I’m still looking at you
Because I keep running out of breath

I’m still watching over you
From far away
Why am I being like this?

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