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Bo-mi moved to close the door behind her. "Aren't you coming?! I have been waiting forever!" 

"Um," I lost my words as I removed myself from his arms. "Y-yeah."

She eyed me carefully. "Your cheeks are red, Lil. What did I just walk into?" She grinned as she looked to my husband. "Did you make her feel bad? She always turns into a sad puppy."

He nodded. "Yes. She won't do it again, now." He winked at me before getting up and grabbing files from the desk. "Go on now, people will think I am really scolding you if you are here for too long."

"Aren't you taking us to the store? We have to get decorations for the apartment." Bo-mi looked puzzled.

Jae-won shook his head. "No, I have a meeting. Just take the bus home after you are done. I'm sorry." His eyes caught a glimpse of a paper and he immediately handed it to me. "Don't forget to have mother-in-law sign this."

"Alright. I'm leaving." I took Bo-mi's hand and dragged her out, knowing she would have tried to find a way to get a ride in his car. She waved goodbye to him as we left the room. After a moment, she finally started to take the lead and headed towards her work.

"Let me say hi to my boss and then we can go shopping," She negotiated, releasing my grip on her wrist. There was no waiting for an answer as she skipped into the building, leaving me behind.

When she came back, her eyes were set with mischief. Bo-mi took my hand this time, and ran off to the nearest store. "Wait! Slow down!"

Upon entering the store, my eyes had widened inconsiderably. The short store was filled to the brim with colorful decorations and toys. From small antiques to large animal paintings, they had everything. There was even yard tools in the shape of animals or cartoons.

"Hey, Lilla?" Bo-mi questioned, catching my attention. "Where do you wanna start?"

I made a face. "Um? Let's go to that side of the jungle." I lifted a shaking finger to the end of the aisle we faced. "Let's not go too crazy."

She shook my arm. "You have your mom's credit card, right?! I can't afford anything more than a ribbon on a stick."

I tilted my head to the side in confusion. "They still have those?"

Bo-mi groaned in annoyance, letting go of my hand and walking forward into the store. Several people were roaming around as well, picking random and crazy things from piles and shelves they stood next to. Everyone had an exotic item in their hand.

"Lilla! Over here! Look at this!"

I made my way over to her, eyeing the picture frame in her hands. "Who is that?" I point to the men in the picture.

"Backstreet boys!" She says happily, hugging the picture to her chest. "The only old guys that make me happy."

"Oh goodness," I breathed out, shaking my head. I moved past her, lifting my legs so I wouldn't stand on items laying on the floor. My eyes came in contact with a large flower frame that held a married couple picture in it. Gently, I pried it from the pile. 

"What's that?" Bo-mi glanced at the frame. "It's cute. Wanna get that for your wedding photo?"

I nodded. "Yeah." I held the frame under my arm, moving onto something else as Bo-mi also looked around. A few times, she brought up things like a record or a baby toy, but after awhile she had nothing to keep.

I scouted out items such as picture frames, books, or hangers for keys. Rarely did I find something useful that mother would have approved. Finally, when I thought I was finished looking through the store, my phone went off with a call from Jae-won.

This is my heart beat song and I'm gonna play it 

Been so long I forgot how to turn it up up up-

"Hello?" I answered the phone before the ringtone finished the song, which disappointed Bo-mi.

"Hey, Lilla," he started, sounding confused. "I'm at the only Hobby Lobby store in town and you don't seem to be here. Where are you?"

I frowned. "Hobby Lobby? Why are you there?" I queried, not answering him.

Jae sighed. "The meeting finished early so I decided to meet you at the store. The only store that sells stuff for the house is Hobby Lobby."

Shaking my head as if he could see me, I looked to Bo-mi. "No, I'm in town. It looks like I'm in a thrift store, though." I eyed the messy place with precaution as I became wary of it all.

"Thrift store?"

I nodded. "Yeah, you know? The store close to our high school and it always looks super messy?"

Bo-mi seemed uninterested with my conversation as she went to the next aisle over, searching for other things. She waved at me without turning around.

"Alright. Stay there, I will come get you guys."

"Okay." I slid my phone back into my pocket, walking around the aisle corner to meet up with Bo-mi. She already had a few things in her hands she was wanting to show me. "Hey, put that down!"

"Wah, look at this! It's an igloo-shaped lava lamp!" She gushed in amazement, sticking it closer to her face as stared at it, learning every detail.

I raised my eyebrows. "That's a snowglobe. And the igloo is inside," I corrected her in a monotone.

She clicked her tongue. "Yeah whatever, part pooper." She placed the globe back down. "When is teacher-nim getting here? I'm hungry."

I shrugged. "He should be here soon. Let's just buy these books and the frame and wait outside. Maybe he'll buy you food on the way to hobby lobby." It was easy to convince her when I mentioned free food, so she went along with me to pay. The moment we walked outside the door, a familiar car pulled up.

"What do you have?" Jae asked as I opened the car door.

"Some books and a picture frame." I showed him the back of the frame, a bit embarrassed of the sample picture already in it. "Open the trunk please." He did as requested, allowing me to place my belongings safely.

"How come you guys came to a gifht shop?"

"Thrift," I correct easily. "Because it was close and Bo-mi was in charge of the destination." We buckle our seat belts as he began to drive to another store. "Which will never happen again."

Bo-mi scoffed. Turning to my husband, she asked, "How was your meeting?"

Jae-won smiled, making my heart flutter a little. "It was nice. The teachers greeted me and gave me some cookies."

I cocked my head to the side at the mention of sweets. "Cookies? From who?"

Bo-mi tapped the back of my chair. "Come on now, Lilla, don't be jealous. I doubt he would want one of those old bags over a young highschooler."

Jae glanced at me. "That's true." He placed his free hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. "Don't worry Lil, you are the only one for me."

I rolled my eyes, looking to my side and out the window. "Well, what else happened? Anything?"

He shook his head. "No, not really. It's strange," he said. "They didn't go out to eat or do anything like I'm use to."

Bo-mi laughed. "Well, you aren't in Korea anymore. You are here in America with the Jax family-where everything in your world is flipped upside down." She was silent for a moment, and then proceeded to ask, "When can I have food?"


가슴은 뛰고 있어
여전히 널 보고 있어
자꾸만 숨이 막혀서

아직은 멀리에서
너를 지켜보고 싶어
내가 또 왜 이러는지

My heart is racing
I’m still looking at you
Because I keep running out of breath

I’m still watching over you
From far away
Why am I being like this?

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