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"Your husband is so hot," Bo-mi gushed the next day, hugging my arm towards her as her mind went off. "I love his car. Do you think I can get a ride everyday?"

I tugged on my arm. "Ask him, not me. It's his car." We walked into our classroom, heading towards my desk by the window. She sat in the one in front of me, turning around to talk.

"He is your husband after all," she replies nonchalantly, picking at her nails to distract her mind. "What's his is yours, and what's yours is mine. That's how this works."

I shake my head, looking out towards the blue waves that surrounded the sky. Gradually, from the very back, it was starting to become darker. "Seems like it will rain today. Did you bring your umbrella?"

Bo-mi frowned. "No, that's what my backpack is for."

"Your mom will not be happy to hear you say that. You might as well put yourself up for adoption, now," I joked, handing her the pen that was curled within my hand.

She rolled her eyes, scoffing at my actions before taking a glance behind her. "Are you ready to have a substitute for the rest of the year?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Who knows? We might become professional checker players."

Bo-mi did not seem to take a liking my joke. She ignored me, though, and pulled out a sheet of paper with only a name written at the top. "You know what this is, right?"

I glanced at the blank sheet. "What is it?"

She smiled, a hint of mischief floating in her eyes. "Of course, it's the Hangul massacre!"

Awhile back, Bo-mi had created a sheet of paper for a substitute at our old school. Every time we got a new teacher, she wrote in the Korean Alphabet, Hangul, so they would become confused. They started to believe she only knew Korean and struggled to speak with her.

"Here we go," I sighed, watching her as she scribbled useless words onto the blank sheet. After filling a good portion of the paper, she gently placed it on the teacher's desk.

"There! Let's see the old man read it this time."

I frowned at my friend, not taking an interest in her game, but rather curious of the result. "What did you put this time?"

She grinned. "Don't worry, my darling Lilla, you will see it afterwards." Her hand reached for my cheek, pinching it slightly before she skipped away to her desk.

"This is why you were held back twice," I mumbled, shaking my head in disappointment. "People never understand why you are the oldest."

The rest of the students started to pile in the room, the bell ringing above our heads as we waited. A girl student who sat beside me, leaned to her left and tapped my shoulder. She smiled.

"Lilla. Guess what?"

I raised my eyebrows. "What's wrong?"

She bit her lip to hold what seemed like excitement. Her legs kicked beneath the desk. "The substitute? He isn't old at all. He is so good looking!"

I nodded. "Ah, really?" I leaned back in my seat, watching her whisper to other students. The girls became squeamish as the continued to talk to one another.

"Good morning class."

I maneuvered my attention to the front of the classroom, along with everyone else. The substitute entered, smiling brightly to the students as he headed for the desk. Recognition hit me like a truck the moment we met eyes.

"I am Mr. Bak, I will be filling in for your teacher. Nice to meet you all."

I turned my head towards Bo-mi, who sat across the other side of the room. She, too, was staring at me in surprise as we both recognized the new teacher standing before us. The squeals of happiness drowned out our thoughts, though.

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