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[Gonna be honest, I had to research about Pinkamena to know what I'm working with, when I did, I was legitimately afraid to look at the pictures]

[From my fucked up imagination and from Creepypasta/My Little Pony]

(Warning: Graphic gore images in story, pretty scarring too so if your scared easily, skip the story pls)

Ever since that girl moved into town and opened that bakery, people began disappearing. I'm no detective, but I find it odd.

I've been trying my best to find out what happened to my next door neighbor, she went missing days ago.

Y/N walks home from school, the girl from earlier appears and says hi towards him.

Y/N walks home from school, the girl from earlier appears and says hi towards him

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(Credit to the drawer by the way)

"Hey Y/N".

"Hey Pinkie

Who names their child Pinkie!?

"It's been several months since we know each other, and.... I'm not good at this stuff...".


"I... I like you".

"You like me?".

Pinkie gets uncomfortably close to Y/N, her breasts touching his chest, her long pink hair blocking half of her face.

"Kinda close...".

"Whatta ya say, wanna go out sometime!?".

"Pinkie, i think I need more time to get to know you, it's been like 3 months".

Pinkie's face instantly went into sadness from the rejection, she immediately backed away and tried to walk away. However, Y/N grabbed her arm.

"It doesn't mean I don't like you, It's just that it's been 3 months".

"Look, we can hang out together on Friday if you want, we can get to know each other".

"Yes, I would like that...".

Pinkie smiled and winked at Y/N, she quickly walked away. Y/N felt somewhat uneasy from her presence, and she was noticably jumpy.

"What's with her?".

Y/N went home to get some rest, Pinkie herself went home to bake something special, just for Y/N. When Friday came, Y/N left his classroom to meet Pinkie.

"We're heading to my place, I baked you something special".


We walked towards her house, she was uncomfortably close again, she tried to hold my hand. Something is off with her, and I don't know why.

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