19) 'Catching Your Parents In Baby-Making Activities Without Actually Making...

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19) 'Catching Your Parents In Baby-Making Activities Without Actually Making Babies' And Other Situations No Child Should Ever Have To Witness

Benjamin heard, but he was pretty sure Thijmen didn't. This was for the best, as was the case with most sentences containing 'Thijmen' and a negative. Thijmen didn't have a knife (all the time). Thijmen didn't steal his pillows anymore (only the cushions from the living room). Thijmen didn't take stacks of cookies and cheese to his room during the middle of the night as he used to (he did so in open light).

He heard, and he heard about the file. The File. The File.

Unsurprisingly, Thijmen locked himself in his room. Benjamin tied a black sock around his head and rolled over to his parents' room, like a ninja.

It was late. Past his bedtime.

"Benjamin," spoke out his mother, and Benjamin froze. Literally (figurative literality). His heart missed a beat. Once he remembered he was but Benjamin III, he relaxed. "We haven't done a thing about that boy yet."

That boy. That boy. It could be Benjamin standing on the opposite side of the scale, and not just regarding actual body shape, but Thijmen acted so old sometimes he actually forgot they were supposed to be the same age. Mature, more than old. In an odd sort of way. In a 'let me steal your things and terrorize your friends for fun and make fun of your dragon fanaticism' kind of way.

"I know," replied his father, and he heard something like a chair moving, "it's been months. In fact, they had their exams last week, already."

They'd have them next week.

"I'm very aware of what's going on at Bennie's school."

"Ohh," cooed her mother.

"And it's a pride and honor to have been chosen to reform that kid, and reform we must."


"How about we schedule an assembly with the teachers? The sooner, the better."

More shifting. "Like when?" asked his mother.

"How about tomorrow? My client right now is annoying. You can call in sick and say your lung exploded so I have an excuse to ditch him. We go to the assembly, marathon Game Of Thrones without Benjamin coming to attack us again and have a peaceful afternoon for once. Everyone wins."

Attacking. Attacking, he said. Benjamin huffed.

Then he got a heart attack, because Thijmen had suddenly appeared right beside him and asked him why he was huffing.

"Fracking fishsticks!"

Thijmen sputtered a laugh and covered his mouth to stifle the snickers, which only made Ben swear more—inside his mind, of course, to avoid more embarrassment. He glared at him and felt powerful doing so, because surprisingly, Thijmen stopped giggling.

His eyes shot towards the door, through which the boys could hear Benjamin II talking, as he raised his voice in excitement.

"What are they talking about?"

"Game of Thrones."

"Then why are you listening by the door instead of just going in?"

Benjamin didn't have a response to that, so he shrugged, which made Thijmen squint his eyes, but he didn't ask further, for a change. It felt weird. The tall boy was standing close, interrogation mode on, yet he didn't do any actual interrogating. Was this when the main character was supposed to say something smooth?

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