Chapter 6

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Chapter 6
Flash back.

Not long after eating his dinner, our father passed out.
And just in time to, because he came in to our room and was looking to hurt Luna.
But of course I jumped in front and took the hit.

After that hit, he passed out.
So here we were dragging him to the couch.

After 15 minutes of attempting to put him on the couch, we did it.

"Alright, time for bed Lu" I said grabbing her hand and dragging her to our room. After I realised it was 10:39.

After getting dressed and doing our teeth we packed our bags for tomorrow...
Yay first day of the new school... just great, I love being the new girl.
"Mia?" Lu said as we climbed into bed, "yes LuLu?" I said bringing her into a hug.
"Can you promise you'll try, tomorrow?" I looked at her big brown eye and sighed, I new she was talking about school.
But I wasn't sure I could keep that promise.
School was the only place I could have fun, and not care what the Consequences were.
Where I could be free.
Where I did have to look after anyone. Don't get me wrong I love Lu, and I love looking after her.
But sometimes I just need a break.

"I promise" I said kissing her forehead, "good night Lu" "good night MyMy"
I smiled at the nick name, as I heard Lu's even breaths and light snores.
She's asleep.

Soon after, I found myself getting sucked into the thick empty void of sleep. And nightmares.

Flash back.
"You really like him don't you?" I heard Lu's soft voice from beside me as we drove to his house.
"I love him Lu" I said beaming back to her.
She smiled back to me.
"You think he'll like the Anniversary present?" I asked her nervously.
"He won't just like it, he'll love it!" She said confidently.
"I hope so" I said hopefully.

We pulled up to his house.
It was a cute two story house made from bricks, he lived here with his parents.
And they loved me.
Which was awesome, because they were really nice and funny.
They were like my second family.
I could imagine a future with him.
A house just like this were we lived with two of our children and a dog.

I knocked on the front door, his mother opened it smiling at me and I beamed back to her.
"What are those for" she asked curiously looking at the soccer game passes and framed picture of me and Tom cuddling on the beach.
I remembered that day like it was yesterday, we had a beach day and Tom's mum took the picture after the sand castle competition.
It was one of the best days of my life, easy.
"It's our two year anniversary, he loves soccer so I got us tickets! And this was one of the best days in my life, so I thought he would want to see it." I said smiling so hard it hurt my face.
A real smile.
"My sons so lucky to have you Mia" she said mirroring my expression and hugging me.
"And I'm lucky to have him. He makes my crappy life less crappy" I said and we both laughed, "Mill?" I said her nick name and she new I was going to tell her something important. "Yes dear?" She said giving me a reassuring smile. "I think I love him" I said shyly.
"Should I tell him, or will it just scare him away?"
She beamed proudly.
Happiness radiated out of her.
"Of course you should tell him, he's upstairs doing homework" she said pointing to the stairs.
I know this house like I it was my own, so she didn't have to point.
I walked past the living room, where we had movie marathons and cuddled. Past the kitchen were we had our first kiss.
All the good memories flooding back.
I love him.
It rolled in my mind so easily. So naturally. Like it was meant to be.

I was so gullible...
Nothing good happens in my life, but Luna.
I should of expected this.

I Climbed the stairs one by one. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, just like every time I touched him or he touched me.
His door was already open, and I stood out side hearing movement.
I could hear him speaking.
Maybe a friend...
"I love you Kate"
My attitude completely fell.
Hart shattered.

No. I miss herd him.
I opened the door slowly and quietly.
The sight I saw proved me wrong.

Tom my boyfriend... the guy I loved.
Was on top of my best friend Kate... the girl I loved, and believed to be my sister.
In just boxers. And her in just her underwear.

I dropped the picture frame that took me a week to save up for. The tickets fluttered down after them.
I thought he loved me... just me.

Their heads whipped to me.
My mouth open, face pail.
Tears started streaming out.

Their faces shocked...
No one has ever seen me cry.
No one.
This was the first and only time anyone has seen me cry.
I couldn't help it.
Slamming a knife in to my hart would hurt less than this.
And that's what I felt like doing.
Ending the pain.

I found my voice finally, after what felt like an hour of standing there. But was really five seconds.
"Happy two year anniversary." venom dripping with every word I said.
The tears wouldn't stop.

He jumped of Kate and ran to me, "Mia I do love you-"
"Don't even try! Was it a dear? To 'love' me? Make me fall for you? Or did you just feel like breaking someone's hart" I screamed at him.
Regret flashed on his face.
I picked up the tickets at ripped them in his face.
"You two make a perfect couple" I said with a sickly sweet smile, "your both sluts and back stabbers!" I said and slapped Tom in the face.
He stood there shocked and frozen.
"To think I loved you" I said more tears silently slipping out of my eyes.
"I loved you Mia, I still do!" I scoffed at his poor attempts and walked way.
But not before I saw the smile on my best friends face.
Now that was painful to see. It was like Kicking someone when they were down, on the ground bleeding to death.

I ran down the stairs and pushed through the house towards the door.
"Darling what's wrong?" I heard Toms mum.
I wanted to run to her and hug her. Tell her everything.
And she probably saw that in my expression.
As she took steeps towards me.
I steeped back.
"I'm sorry" I said and her face looked confused.
"He wasn't doing home work. He was doing my best friend" I said as I whipped the tears from my eyes and walked out the door, leaving a sad confused mother.

"Hey Lu" I said as hopped into the car with a fake smile.
I just couldn't tell her what happened.

I slipped my glasses on, to cover my wet eyes.
"Hey, did he like the presents?" She asked as I speed out of the drive.
"Yep, he loved it. Just like you said he would." My voice, holding back tears.
"Why are you crying then?" She asked seeing tears slip from out behind the glasses.
"I'm just happy. Really happy he liked it" I said in a fake happy voice.
"That's great."
Thank goodness my sister was gullible enough to believe that...

When I got home dad wasn't there so I left Lu in the house and went to the park across the road.
And cried.
I cried my lungs out.
Till there was no tears left.

I hate getting flashbacks of thing I don't want to remember.

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