Empty Apologies

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(It suits the one-shot and cuz I can⤴️)

Long, long nights he spent in his lab-that he rebuilt. Working with one arm and a broken heart isn't easy. Losing all of his friends and life's work. Yeah. He ruined his relations with Patryck and Paul when he went insane. There's no way they could help, even though they tried. Papers, used potion bottles and spare parts littered the dimly lit room. Not to mention the smell. From some left over take out last week and his own odor.

At some point, he created his own robot arm. His scars also healed up enough so he doesn't have to wear bandages. It's not like he leaves the place, so people wouldn't give him looks of both disgust and sympathy. He usually doesn't drink, but recently he's trying to get everything together and prepare for what good he's about to do.

That night, he held a picture of them up as he remembered all the wonderful times before he left. Tears emitted from his eyes, holding the frame close to his chest. As if those memories could slip away from his grasp and shatter. He cried himself to sleep while drinking Smirnoff.

Tord: W-what if t-they doesn't ACCept...me?" he spoke to himself. As if he has anyone else to talk to for the time being.

Tord:"N-n-NO...no. I'll be...okay..there's always plan B..." he stands before the ruins that was their home. This was just above his lab which is under ground. He cleaned himself up: shampooed hair, washed cloths, no odor, overall better hygiene. Tord sent an anonymous letter to their apartment building, telling them that they should meet here at a pacific time.

In the distance, he heard the word "commie". Turning around, his old buddies stand before him. Matt, Edd, and even Tom. Though, the looks on their faces doesn't seem too friendly. Edd looks like a disappointed parent. Matt looks like he's about to shit his pants. And Tom just looks pissed off if anything. Angry that his harpoon didn't serve justice.

Tord:"H-hi guys.."

Edd:"What do you want?" He's seems extremely serious.

Tord:"I-I, just-"



Tom:"How could you be-alive?!"

Tord:"I...I'm sorry..."

Edd:"What?" Tord takes a step back

Tord:"I just...wanted to apologize, after the horrible thing I've done to you all..."

They don't believe it.

Not for a second.

Edd:"Apologize? Really. You said that you don't need friends."

Tom:"How can we believe you?!" Tord is tongue tied, from their words and his fate. His heart beat loudly, and his eyes looked petrified. Falling to his knees and tears began to well up in his eyes.

Matt:"E-Edd? Can we go?"

They began to start walking back to their apartment building.

Edd:"Gladly." Tom went up to Tord to say one last thing before he goes.

Tom:"We don't need you.

Tom:"We don't need you

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Back to his lab...

Tord:"Well...*sigh*...there's only one thing left to do..."

*Picks up a pistol*


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