Chapter 8 ~ Annabeth

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The first thing she heard when Octavian pointed the sword at her was a loud clang, his eyes rolling up into his head and him falling backward. Annabeth laid on the ground in shock. Standing there, was General Frank Zhang, snickering. (Bet ya didn't see that coming right?)

"General? What are you doing here?" Annabeth sputtered out.
"I came to check on you and Hazel. And I very well couldn't let queen of Oceania, or her heir, die."
"What did you do?"
"Knocked the butt of my sword against his helmet. He's out cold."
"Thanks General." Hazel piped up.

The General bowed deeply to the ladies and left to lead his troops. Hazel looked at Annabeth.

"What a hero in shining armor." Annabeth teased.
"Well, I.. um..." Hazel blushed.

Annabeth laughed. She and Hazel decided to go back inside. As they walked up the stairs, Annabeth thought about her husband and the letter he had written.

He promised he would come back. But what if he didn't? What if he died and she didn't know it? What if he was captured? She wouldn't ever see him again. Annabeth was having a mini panic attack when Hazel called her name.

"Queen Annabeth, look."

She pointed to the dark blue skies. A shooting star appeared. Annabeth knew you were supposed to make a wish, so she did.

I wish, more than anything, to have my Percy back to me. And for my baby to be alright. And for this war to already be over. And I-

Annabeth stopped. That was a lot to wish for. She looked up again at the stars. She watched as the shooting star passed over her head. Annabeth sighed. So many horrible thoughts filled her head. Annabeth rubbed her belly in frustration. It had gotten bigger surely, which was a good thing. She was happy he so she was still alive and healthy.

Annabeth wondered where that cradle was. The one Percy said he had made. She sighed, completely clueless about the letter. She was also angry at him. He was such a fool. He was going to get himself killed.

Annabeth ran her hands through the honey blond hair. As she and Hazel stood on the balcony, she looked down at the village. Some houses were aflame. Others were completely destroyed. She felt something tug at her heart. Bodies lay dead in the street. She saw innocent children, crying for their parents. Those who had made it out were lucky.

Annabeth wished to check on her friends in the town. Hazel had her back.

"We don't know if there are murders, thieves, or bandits still there. It's safest to stay on the castle." Hazel replied sadly.

Annabeth nodded. She just helplessly watched from the balcony. But she was determined to be there. Help someone. Make a difference.

That night, Hazel left Annabeth's room to go to bed. Hopefully, Annabeth was able to sneak out somehow. She looked outside again. No one would be able to sleep tonight. Fires still burned bright. The general's soldiers could hardly do anything. They tried to bring in buckets of water to put out the flames. People were still in the streets, shocked at their destroyed homes.

Annabeth sighed and threw on a dark cloak over a simple dark blue dress. She had to figure out how to get out of the castle without anyone seeing her. She needed a way.

Annabeth looked around. All the doors were being guarded by her soldiers. She could sneak out by the servants' entrance and exit, but a servant ,aid would see her and force her to go back to her room. The last place, was her balcony.

That was it! Her balcony. If she could somehow use a rope so she could climb down, her palm would work perfectly. But Annabeth didn't keep rope in her room. She groaned. How much harder was this going to get? But. Maybe she could make a rope?

Annabeth smirked. This was going to work.

She was thankful for the weaving lessons her mother had given her. She took some old fabrics and string and tied it together to make one huge rope. She tugged on it. Hopefully it would hold.

Annabeth walked to her balcony, rope in her hands, and tied one end to the fancy stone rail. She sat on the rail and down the other end over the edge.

Well it's now or never.

She held a part of the fabric rope with two hands and jumped off the balcony. Annabeth stiffed a scream. She held onto it tightly. Annabeth realized she wasn't falling. She was in the air, 20 feet off the ground.

She slowly climbed her way down the rope, being her hands lower and lower. Soon her feet touched the ground.

Annabeth felt the cool grass beneath her bare feet. She was so silly. She had forgotten her shoes. Annabeth cursed herself.  She rubbed her belly again for comfort.

Annabeth hadn't been thinking of names for her baby. She had neglected it all this time. Annabeth was more concerned for her people, her family, and her friends. She loved it to death, but she had been so selfish. Wanting to watch over others then her own unborn flesh and blood.

Annabeth snuck into the town. Trying not to be seen. Because being seen would be and for business. She was royalty, being out of the castle in the middle of the night was not normal. She ran to Hestia's Bakery.

It was all in flames when she got there. Annabeth found a few buckets of water and attempted to put them out. It was too much. The fire was too high and it spread quickly. Annabeth fell to her knees when she realized she couldn't save it. She saw Hestia looking  at her beloved bakery, in tatters.

Annabeth had wanted to share this bakery with her little ones. She wanted to give them cookies. Tell them about her and Percy's cookie war. Make sure they smelled the sweets that brought her to the shop. She sighed. Her silently promised to give Hestia the money to build a new bakery. Some for everyone else who had lost a home or business.

Annabeth almost yelled in anger. Why did everything she loved be taken away. First Percy, for months. Even though she knew he was okay, she was still angry about not seeing him. Her family, her mother and father split after Annabeth had become queen, leaving Malcolm to rule with his wife Eliza. Now her favorite place in this town. It was all so infuriating!

As she walked back to the palace, she silently promised a better life for everyone. Where people didn't have to live surrounded by war and fighting. She promised Kronos would pay.

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