Chapter 15: Discovery Part 2

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Previously On Coach's Little Girlfriend:

Rachel just found out that she was preggo. Consequences became harder, they have to keep a secret between their relationship now a baby, that will growing inside Rachel's stomach. Both of them are in being trouble.

Rachel brushed her teeth, a lot of times. This flu is really getting me, so I went to write something to my calendar about my upcoming Geography Test this Friday. I don't really have to study because im one of those average student, but studying, makes me feel better and ready.


Rachel's POV:

Im totally not ready to tell everyone or Finn, about my pregnancy. His been calling me nonstop. Everytime i pick my phone up, my hands started to shake, so i decided when Im calm, I'll answer it......Oh who am I kidding, i will never be calm!.

"Ughh,, I hate my life" Rachel groaned. Running her hand through her thick hair. Rachel took a deep breathe, and went to the house, where she felt safe. She went downstairs.

"Hi dad" Rachel muttered. She grabbed a sweater, then put it on.

"Hey sweetie, where are you going?" Will asked.

"Park" Rachel said, not interested in answering anyone's question or phone calls, for now she just want to be alone.

"Okay, bye sweetie" Will said with a smile. Rachel forced a smile, but didn't work so she just put a fake smile on, who cares if he didn't buy it or not.

"Bye dad" Rachel said with a sad tone, then went outside quickly. 

She wasn't lying about going to the park, but she wants to go to Finn's house first. She have to explain what's happening to her, that she ignored his phone calls for a week.

When she arrived, she knocks on the door. Revealing Finn with a tired eyes, and a messy hair.

"Hey" Rachel mumbled looking down. Finn stood there shocked.

"Hey?, hey?, thats all I get. I tried calling you, hundred times, and you wont answer your phone any damn time, and thats all i get?" Finn shouted, with an angry tone. Rachel flinched backing away a little.

"Finn, I-I- have something to tell you" Rachel said not looking up still staring at her running shoes.

"What is it?" His voice are calmer now but still with an angry tone.

"I-I-mm pre-" Before Rachel could finish say anything. Someone behind Finn called him.

"Finn?" A girl said behind him with a sexy tone and a smirked on her face, she was wearing a robe, and her hair was just as messy as Finn. Rachel stood there frozen.

"I gotta go" Rachel stuttered heartbroken. She would ran but she thinks it might affect they're baby. I mean her baby.

"Rachel!,Rachel!" Finn's voice shouted trying to make her stop. But she didn't, she keep walking really fast, that she look like she was running. Tears streaming down her face. She went to the park, and went to her favourite tree. Its Rachel's mom and her's favourite tree. No one knows about it, not even her bestfriend, her dad, her brother. And her ex-boyfriend. She lay down against the tree, pulling her knees to her chest, buried her face and cry. She just want to make the pain go away. After feels like enternity, she felt numb, she can't feel anything. And thats a good thing.

Rachel went back to her house, ignored all the questions that his dad asked her. Probably because he saw that she has swollen eyes and a red nose. She went to her room quickly. She lay her numb body to her bed. She felt numb, staring at her roof, her finger entirtwined on top of her chest. Rachel sighed and went drifting off.

A/N: Im sorry guys about this story, i know its so sad. But, im adding a spice for the story. Im promise I will get Finchel back, no worries. But for now STAY TUNED

                                                                     LUV YAH -CHARM

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