Unfortunate Incident

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I laid on the bed closing my eyes. After some time, Agni came to my room. Thinking I am asleep, he kissed my forehead again. Then he slept beside me pulling me into his arms and caressing my hairs. I slept in his arms.

Months passed by and I am in my 8th month. Agni arranged baby shower, and he went to invite my parents for my baby shower. I came home early from office. He returned by evening.

"Agni, coffee. How is your visit to your in-law's house?" Vedika asked him.

"As expected. They didn't even call me inside the home. Her brother reacted very rudely" Agni said.

"Did you react in the same manner? Jwala will misunderstand you" Vedika said

"No, I didn't react at all. I gave baby shower invitation and returned" he said.

"Vedika, I am famished. Please prepare something for me immediately" he said.

"For the first time in many years, I heard Agni being hungry."

"My cards are with Jwala. I didn't feel to ask her for money Vedika."

"What is this Agni? Why are you doing this? She is not that heartless person."

"I knew about Jwala more than you. She is not reacting in this way without proofs. She tried to inquiry the truth. But, she found that fellow who tried to force her is my friend. So she confirmed that I am the culprit."

"What? Who is that fellow?"

"I tried to meet him at the jail, but he was released already."

"How to convince her now?"

"I hope once the baby comes into this world, she may change. I changed for baby; I am sure she will change for baby too. Only my baby had the power to bind Jwala and me together."

"Is your conversation completed?" I asked 

"From when did you learn to listen to others conversation secretly?" Agni asked.

"Vedika, I am hungry too. Please arrange dinner soon" I said

"Sure,"  she said and left to the kitchen.

"Jwala, come to our room," he said seriously

"Why should I?" I said recklessly.

"I said come to our room, right now" he shouted at me.

I nodded immediately due to fear. I ran into the room. Agni came and locked the room. He pinned me to the wall.

"Look, I hate hearing the conversation secretly. If you repeat this, you will be punished" he said placing kiss in my neck.

I pushed him away.

"You never change."

"I changed. That's the reason you were shouting at me" he said.

I became calm. He held my hand and made me sit in bed. He took his mobile and called someone. He kept his mobile in speaker mode.

"Hello, this is Agni, MD of Agni Group of Industries. Is it Avrena bar and restaurant" he said.

I got shocked with his words and gulped audibly due to fear.

"Yes sir, how can we help you?"

"I think you will maintain the records of people who visit your restaurant, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Ok, can you please tell me did Jwala, my wife visited your restaurant."

"Yes sir, madam visited today."

"Thank you. Who are the other visitors?"

"Mr. Aadarsh was the other visitor."

"Ok, did she took a drink?"

"Yes sir, madam took wine."

"Oh thank you," he said and disconnected the call.

"What happened to you Jwala? Why are you becoming idiotic day by day?"

"What did I do?"

"Why did you drink? It's not you Jwala. It's not you. Why did you change to this extent?"

"Agni, do you think that you have right to ask me this question? You are the one who forced me to drink for the first time" I said remembering that incident.

"But Jwala, you are carrying our baby now. What if something happens to our baby?"

"I don't care. Why should I care for your baby?" I said

"My baby? Is the child not your's?"

"Yes, it's your baby. Only your's. Because of this baby, I am bound to you. I married you. I am staying with a person whom I hate the most just because of this child. If something happens to this child of your's, then I will be free from this hell" I said, and he slapped me.

"If you talk one more word, I will kill you right now Jwala. If you say that you are staying with me just for my child, then I will make it sure for you that I am bearing your nonsense too just for this baby" he said kicking the chair in the room.

"Yes, I know you don't love me."

"You are right; I can't love a fool and a stupid," he said.

"Fine then there's no need for staying here. I will leave" I said taking car keys and my mobile.

"Jwala, no it's raining outside. Don't go anywhere" he said following me.

But I went to car faster than him. The driver was about to start the car, but I stopped him. I drove the car by myself and went off.

I remembered his words and my eyes started flowing tears. It's raining outside, and even my eyes are shedding rain today. I am wiping my tears with one hand and driving with another hand. Agni started calling me continuously. I received the call.

"Jwala, I am sorry. Please come back to home. If you want, I will leave the house. But I didn't mean those words. I just said those words in anger. Sorry sona, come back, please. It's risky to go out in the rain" he said.

I was about to reply, but suddenly the route before me went dark as the headlights of the car were off. I couldn't see the route or vehicles. I tried to stop the car by the side but suddenly my car hit something which is in front of me. I couldn't trace what it is. But my head and womb hit to the car hard. Blood started flowing out and then everything is becoming blur and dark gradually.

"Baby, My baby" that's the only words came out of my mouth, and everything went blank.

Hi friends, how is the episode? In next episode, the suspense will be revealed. You will know who's the culprit in next episode. From now I will be updating both my books "I Love Your Tears" and "You are Beautiful" on alternate days.

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