So... the Baby...| Pheaker

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Requested: ' about the baby... it's yours...'

"Hey George! Thank you so much for coming in..." I sighed as Mr. Eacker walked through my apartment door. "Of course, Philip. Anything for you or your mother." George hummed, smiling. I led him to the living room, where Richard and David, two of the closest friends, were making out. I was shocked, I didn't know they were here.

"How did you even get in my apartment?!" I screamed. Richard and David broke apart for a second to look at me. "How did you not hear us?" Richard asked. I glared at them and pointed to the door. "Please- for five minu-" I started to ask, but I groaned in pain.

"Philip?!" George asked me, taking my arm. "Damn..." I hissed. "Philip, are you okay?! Here, I'll call your Ma." David told me, running out of the room. Richard followed him, leaving me and George alone. "Shh... Philip, it's okay... do you need to go to the hospital?" George asked. I shook my head and ran to the bathroom.

I threw up into the toilet, this has been going on for three days. I thought that I might be pregnant, but I wasn't sure. Well, it would be weird, considering that the baby daddy is in my apartment. I'm not going to get into it, but me and George Eacker... tried for a baby.

Anyways, I wiped my mouth, washed my mouth and flushed the toilet before hearing the door click open. "George-?!" I squeaked, seeing George in the mirror. He grabbed me by the waist, covered my mouth with his hand and pulled me closer. "Are you pregnant?" He asked in a quiet voice. I whimpered, feeling tears coming to my eyes. I watched George's eyes grow annoyed in the mirror.

"Philip." He growled, gripping my hip, "Are you pregnant." I nodded and started sobbing. George let go of my hip and uncovered my mouth. "Shh..." George soothed me, pulling me into a hug. "G-George, I'm so scared... I can't raise a child!" I sobbed, leaning into his chest. "Hey... It's okay, Sunshine, just breathe..." George hummed, kissing my forehead. "G-George..?" I asked. George nodded in response, running his hand through my hair.

"W-Well... about the baby... it's yours..." I whispered, biting my lip. George's eyes filled with wonder and happiness as I spoke, tightening his hug. "I'm the father..?" He asked. I nodded, feeling George bend down. I looked at my feet only to have George angle my chin to meet his face, pressing our lips together.

"I will do whatever it takes to keep you and this baby safe..."

"Th-Thank you, George..."

"Of course... I love you..."

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