Melanie Martinez - Tag you're it

Chapter 28

If I have to pee in a bucket one more time in front of this guy I'm going to scream, It had been hours since I had last seen Liam; he kept me locked in this room for another day while I rotted away on the bed, my hair greasy, dress ripped and he had of course not left me un touched, throwing sly slaps and punches at me when he could. I rubbed my eyes tiredly and slapped my hands down onto my stomach lightly
"Kieran?" I asked, looking down at the man that was falling asleep in front of me
"Yes Paige?" He spoke tiredly while I was being attacked by the underwire of my bra that had stuck out aggressively
"I need my hands untied because I need to take my bra off, it's friendly fire over here" I whined, shuffling awkwardly
"What" He laughed, standing up and walking over to me
"The wire, stabbing me in my tatas" I spoke animatedly, waiting as he untied the ropes instead of cutting them and turned.

I moved my hands to the back of my dress and unclasped the strap at the back, thanking the heavens when I was released and pulled the dark green over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder from the chest area of my dress. I was sat cross legged facing the wall, hunched over adjusting myself. My stomach rumbled and I had undergone so much stress and pain but at least Kieran was keeping me updated on Teena. Suddenly a heavy weight shifted beside my breast and a small, silver device fell out.

My phone.

My phone I had kept in my bra for calls.

My goddamn cellular device was ON MY GODDAMN BODY THIS ENTIRE TIME.

I stared at it in shock, with half charge from not being used I just looked at it; with shaking fingers I fumed at myself, so angry at the fact that I could have ended this before now. I fumbled at my fingers
"You done yet?" Kieran shouted over his should, gasping in shock
"No-The clasp is stuck in my sequins" I spoke shakily while I clicked on the last person I called and locked the phone, letting it ring while I put it back in my chest area of my dress.
"There, done- I'm done" I said and let him tie my hands back up.

Seconds later Liam entered the room
"Play time is over- let's go" He boomed, raising an eyebrow at my bra on the bed
"What did you do to her?" He snarled at Kieran who was stood defensively
"I let her take it off because she was being stabbed by the wire" He said matter-of-factly, crossing his arms although he still looked a little confused as to how.
"You probably slept with her, she's a whore anyway" Liam snapped and grabbed my hair
"If I was a whore you'd have probably gotten laid by me" I laughed while he dragged me out of the doorway and into the cold main room.

He snarled and tightened his grip on me before he dropped my body without warning, my face collided with the ground and I bit my tongue, blood squirted into my mouth and I used my forehead to press my body up while scraping of metal screamed at me.
I turned and watched him prepare a meat hook.
"Jealous" I laughed at him, spitting blood onto the floor before he grabbed me by my arms and threw me around the meat hook so I was hanging from my restraints just dangling with my tiptoes touching the dusty concrete floor. I kicked and struggled awkwardly, sweating despite the cold nipping at my shoulders, bare feet and make-up covered, blood smeared face.

I leant my head against my arms that were holding my arms up, trying to rub the ropes at the blunt metal of the meat hook while Liam tottered around in front of me before I noticed a large chair in the cell, cage type thing beside me. A big red, velvet armchair which my sister sat in, a rope tied around her body and the chair, chaining her down.
"Tee?" I asked, looking at her unharmed body although there was a slight cut on her lip, she lifted a tired gaze up to me and locked eyes with me through the metal bars that separated us as prisoners.
"Paige, what the fuck happened?" She asked, fluttering her eyelashes lazily before her face dropped, I struggled on the meat hook and tried to turn to look at her, gritted teeth bore the groan of pain that shot through my outstretched arms.

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