When you hug them

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I'm re-doing most of the chapters because when I wrote this I was just learning English and how to write books so I thought I should redo it now since I now know English better and how to write books a bit better.

The reader is whatever gender you are.


You usually hug him when he's done running so he won't have enough energy to push you off and scold you. The first time he was very shocked and confused. He asked you what you were doing so you grinned and told him giving him a hug. He won't admit it but he loves going running before afterwards you will always give him a hug.


You love to give him hugs in public since he will always turn bright red, yelling and stuttering to get off, not wanting to admit he loves it when you hug him. But when it's only you two, he will blush but hug back, not complaining.


He always does his hands up to sense ghosts or feel your aura. So whenever he does his arms up, you will wrap your arms around his waist. He will just smile then hug back when he's finished doing his weird thing.


She loves to give you hugs when it's only you two without someone around. She thinks only girls give hugs so around the boys, she never dares to hug you so you will hug her, enjoying her panick and fake complaining about hating the hug.

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