The Gift Of War

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The Gift of War.

‘Don’t do it’ she screamed her voice high pitched and nasally. I looked at her really looked at her, she was pretty. Well she used to be. Her hair once blonde and shiny was now full of sweat which caused it to stick to her face and neck. Her eyes were a dull shade of grey and showed nothing but cruelty. Her clothes were dull, a simple pair of denim jeans and blue t-shirt. However, they were now covered with sweat and blood.

‘Don’t struggle’ I said, my voice hoarse and monotone. I circled her, as if she was my pray. a way she was. I pulled on one of the ropes that restricted her to a chair. She tried to struggle, but it was no good, I had done the knots too tight to allow any movement.

‘Now’ I said as i began to circle her again. I was thinking a quick death for you would probably be nicest.’ I pondered this idea for a while. ‘But...I’m not a very nice person. So...’

I pulled a knife from the hook on my belt. It was made of pure silver and had a black and navy handle. I pulled it back slowly and then quickly thrust it forward into her lower stomach. Her scream pierced my ears, I winced. I quickly retracted my knife.

I lent forward until our faces we’re only a few inches away. I could see the pain and hatred in her eyes. ‘You bitch’ she cursed, her voice just a whisper. I slide my hand over her mouth to muffle her next scream. I then stabbed her again. And again. And again. I carried on repeatedly stabbing her until I knew she was dead.

I stood up straight and pulled my knife out of her abdomen. It was covered in a river of crimson red blood. I slowly lifted the blade to my lips. My toungue slowly slide up the knife collecting blood on it as it went. The blood tasted sweet, far more sweet than I was used to.

I wiped the remainder of the blood on the girl’s t-shirt. ‘Clean it up’ I barked at the men lurking in the shadows. They did so as I began to leave. I placed my blade back into its poach and headed for the exit.


My name is June Sewer. I am a secret agent of the law. But not the human law but the law of the Shojo. This is because I am not human but a breed of Shojo.

Shojos are witch’s that originated in japan, we mostly use our powers for healing. But we can also use them for inflicting pain on people. Those powerful enough can even shift into animals.

We are at war. There was a power struggle many years ago between the main coven of Shojos about how we should practise our magic. Many of the elders believe we should only use our powers for healing, other’s of us believe that we should have the freedom to use are gift how we wish.

This is where the blood comes in. Many years ago some elders discovered that drinking the blood of a virgin would help strength your magic. Which is why I murder that girl earlier. I was recruited by the Shojo elders at the age of only five. This was due to my extronianry powers.

As i mentioned before many Shojos can transform into animals. I can not only do this, but I can also turn into other people. This is a very rare gift and it has only ever been documented of one other Shojo that could do this. As soon as the elders got drift of my powers they recruited me as their best fighting force. I am now basically their bitch. If they say jump, I reply with ‘How high?’

 The plus side of being such a good ally for the elders is that I get to do lots of the missions I want, just so they can keep me happy.

 i'm just having a playing with some ideas here. not really convinced yet. please give me some feed back. dee xxx

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