Part 3 Alone

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so hey there everyone this is another one of my poems about how i feel alone sometimes and how i have sort of overcome that.So i hope you like it Enjoy. Do vote and comment Please do.




I am alone 

In every sense of the word

So would nobody notice if I were gone

What am I to do 

Will I miss them even when, 

what they said was true

The answer is yes 

I have no regrets

I lived my life for me  not you

I am alone

Deep in the dark

But still I find my happiness

Some say that I’m easy to please

Others don’t just don’t want me to be at ease 

Still I am just me

Not what they wanted me, to be

So I will just keep living on

I will have to be more strong

As loneliness will be a part of me

I was alone

My life was set in stone

But not anymore, when I’m breaking free

Time to move on

I would write a song

About how my life used to be

But its not what I wanted

Its not what I sought

I had to get away

Away from all the distraught

Away from all the pain

Away form misery

Away from how it all was meant to be

Now I’m not alone

I have a home

My life is full of blissfulness 

I am now free, what I always wanted to be 

I won’t let anyone take that from me

So don’t get started don’t follow 

If life would allow me 

I would set them free too

I would show them ,

What its meant to be true

True to yourself

True to the world 

True to everyone 

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