Words from the Heart (Watty Awards 2012)

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It seems as though my life started on May 4th, 2012; everything started on a regular day in Spring. I woke up that morning feeling as normal as a person could at seven o'clock in the morning. I yawned moving from the large king sized bed that was all my own, to the cream white curtains that blocked the warmth of the hot Tennesse sun.

I pulled back the shades and let my whole body fill with the warm sensation of the sunrise. No matter how long I end up living in Tennesse, (and it has only been a week) I don't think I will ever get over the shock that comes with the Tennesse sunrise.

Pink and orange swirls formed into the red making the sun look like a ball of beauty. It was warm and embracing and it seemed to light up the room creating a peaceful aura.

The perfect time to go for a run on the beach.

I yawned stretching once more and then looked at myself in the mirror. I looked the same as ever, long white blond hair, a pale face, and bright 'electric' blue eyes. I looked pretty horrible...dried drool framing my lips...

I ran to the bathroom taking a quick shower letting the hot water caress my body and do its job; by the time I was out my skin was slightly pruned.

I walked out of the shower soaking wet and rubbed myself dry hastily with a towel and then dressed in a tank top and excersising shorts. While I was tying my shoes I had this intense feeling that something would happen today.

Paying it no attention I grabbed my iPod and listened to 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift, jogging to the beat. I was on the beach and the quiet sounds of the waves calmed me and I smiled not paying attention to much else.

Then I bumped into something falling onto the sand and losing my breath; I looked up and there was a guy standing over me.

He had short brown hair and hazel eyes with a tanned face and no shirt on one so ever. It was quite distracting and hard not to look at his body noticing how built and large he seemed.

Large..but gentle.

He extended a hand and as soon as I grabbed his electricity shot through me.

On this day, life would forever change.

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