“Here we go again?” I said to him, “ I kind of wanna be more than friends.”

He smiled at me as I kept reading the lyrics out. It was the truth, I kind of wanted to be more than friends, but as usual he took it as a joke. No seriousness in it. I was nothing but his best friend. However in my head we were more than that.

See time by time I developed feelings for him. A typical cliché romance, one of the best friends (always a girl) falls for the other friend. It basically all started in 8th grade, I was the only one who could of sing, in that class. He was starting a bad called the Plague and the members were looking for a lead singer. Guess I moved to New York at the right time.

Then we were graduating sooner or later, and I had no one to go with too prom. He was there for me, even if he was the most popular boy in school. He even turned down Amanda Times. No need to explain who she is. No one ever turns her down. However, Jake Reid went with me.

That was before.

Amanda times was now his current girlfriend, I was basically just his third wheel between them. Jake was still my best friend and still the most popular boy in 10th grade. I was still the many few of the dark skinned girls, who didn’t have straight hair like the rest of the girls. Instead I had curly hair and curves like no tomorrow. This was Tyler Fields. I was Tyler fields.

“Animal.” He smirked at me with his green eyes looking me up and down, “Perfect song.”

I laughed, “Neon Trees are awesome.”

He wrapped his arm around his waist bringing me closer and closer, “That’s why I love you!” He cooed. He brought out his fist and I connected mine with his and pulled it back like it was an explosion. He grinned at me.

“So are we on for tonight?” I asked Jake. The band always had movie nights. You know the band that has fun with each other stays with each other.

His smile disappeared as he looked back. Not again. I knew exactly what he was about to say. He started playing with the hem of his blue Hollister shirt. I gave his a half-hearted smile hoping he would at least consider coming and changing his mind.

“I’m sorry.” He said. That was all he said.

So I tried plan b. I give him the cutest doggy face. His face softens and I couldn’t help but give him more puppy dog face.

“Aw don’t give me that look!” he said grabbing my shoulders and shaking me, “C’mon. That’s not fair.”

“Pretty please?” I cooed at him, “Pretty please with sprinkles and cherries, and more cherries and whip cream and more, more, more cherries!”

He grinned at my childishness, “Fine, maybe I’ll see if I can make it.” He said smirking and closing his locker, “I want a whole box of pizza myself. And I want pepperoni.”

I smiled and jumped up and down happily, “ Yay!  You know I love you Jake right?”

He smirked arrogantly pulling me into a hug, “I know you do.”

I let go of him and looked at him, “Fine, I love you too.” He replied.

I waved at him and headed off to my next class. What was wrong with me, I got so happy when he pulled me into a hug. However, I knew that was just a brotherly hug and it meant nothing what so ever. After all he had Amanda Times. Obviously anyone could tell she was more prettier than me.  And although I went to a white school all my times since I came to New York, no one ever treated me like the rest of the girls in the school. I was black, and like my mother told me, white men only date girls of there kind. I ignored her ignorance, but as time start to pass, I started to believe her. There were black guys in my school, but there was only one guy I wanted, and that was Jake. He was my prince charming, and although fairy tails and happy endings only happened in the movies. I wish to get my happy ending, with Jake at my side, holding my hands.

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