Chapter 8: Unhappy memories

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Hey guys! Sorry that took me longer than i said, but i had a lot of unexpected things go down today that delayed this update lol.

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Oh sh*t Jenna! Sure my parent’s will be no problem but she’s there a few days a week! How in the world am I going to explain a new house guest? Crap! I’m screwed.



Chapter 8:



Gordon’s POV:



“Oh my boys are back!” I heard as we all stepped out of the Hummer in front of my house. I told Isis to stay in the car for a few moments while I tried to think of a way to introduce her to Jenna.


Who was now running in our direction.



“Jenna!” I grinned. Might as well butter her up right? I hugged her making Corbin and the guys snort trying to fight their laughter. They knew why I was being like this. Jenna laughed but hugged me nonetheless. “What did you do?” She asked as she pulled back with an eyebrow raised. I grinned sheepishly back, “Well…nothing bad I promise!” She sighed and stepped away shaking her head, “Do I need to call your parents to fix this?” She asked.




“No! Oh c’mon Jenna! I’m not that ba-” She smacked me upside the head, “Young man, if you finish that sentence like I think how you are then, you best stop lying!” She reprimanded. I grimaced as I rubbed the back of my head, “Okay…I just have an…unexpected guest.” I said slowly. She quirked an eyebrow up at me, “Oh?…Oh! Gordon Michael Hailson! If you brought home one of your girls to hump and dump I will skin you alive!” She all but yelled at me.



I ducked my head down with a slight blush so the guys wouldn’t see. Only Jenna has the power to do that to me, “No! You know I don’t take them here. Not since last time.” I reminded her. The first and last time I brought a girl home was last year when her parents cars were home unexpectedly. So being dumb and outrageously turned on I dragged her here.



She wouldn’t leave the next morning! She had it in her head that I wanted a relationship with her. I had to get out of there and begged Jenna to make it extremely clear how I didn’t want her. I made it clear to her when we were at that party! I told her I only give out one amazing night and then that’s it.



Jenna talked my ear off the rest of the day. Saying the girl ran out crying, and how I was such a little b*tch. Yes…she called me that. Sometimes I wonder her true age. She has her days. “Well…I wonder about you sometimes Gordy. So…who’s your guest? Where is he?” She asked. I bit at my lip as the guys behind me chuckled.



“Come on out Isis.” I called out. Jenna looked at me again, “I thought you said-” She started but I cut her off, “I know. I said ‘no’ to one of the girls you were describing. She’s not like those girls.” She sighed as the back door opened.

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