Chapter seven: Holy fudge

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Okay, hope you all enjoy this! I will try to update sooner.

Okay my lovely readers! Read on~


                Jessie's pov


Whoa! I feel like sugar honey Ice tea!

I'm currently in the kitchen of Dylan's house. Yeah, he brung us here last night. He didn't want to stay in the pack house since it was so 'noisy'. I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was around 11:00am. When I woke up, Dylan was already gone. There was a post it note on the side table of our room saying that he had some important meeting with other Alpha's.

I'm guessing it's about the rouge attacks on the packs or something... But enough of that stuff.

I looked around my surroundings as I walked out of the kitchen. Let me tell you, this place is HUGE! The dining room had a lengthy table with wooden chairs that had rose red cushions on the seat and the back rest. A tall wooden glass case lined the right wall. China plates and small glass China tea cups filled two rows of the case. The other two rows were filled with colorful flower vases that had light color designs on them. And the last row was what caught my attention most. It was filled with family pictures. I looked over all of them.

I stopped at one that seemed enteresting. It was a picture of Dylan and another boy standing next to him. The boy looked a lot like Dylan. They had the same pitch black hair and skin complexion. But the boy's eye's were a brown almost black, unlike Dylan's golden brown eyes. Dylan's arm was draped around the boy, I'm guessing, brother's neck and both smile widely, showing their white teeth.

They looked so happy. I wish my childhood was like that. No having a care in the world, just having a good time with friends and family. Why does life hate me? I walk away from the wooden glass case and walked up the stairs. Once on the third floor, I walk down the hall and into the bedroom. I entered the bathroom to take a nice long hot shower. I closed the door and stripped my clothes of. Hopping in the shower, I felt all my tense muscles relax as the warm water cascades down my naked body. I picked up the shampoo that Dylan has on the side of the bath tub. The shampoo has a woodsy smell. Like pine. I love the smell of nature.

I scrubbed my hair and scalp. Washing all the dirt and grime off of my body. The steam from the hot water created a thick fog around me. Once done washing up, I turn the water off and step out of the shower, rapping a grey fluffy towel around me.

I walk out of the bathroom, clothes in hand and put them in the dirty clothes hamper on the side of the door. I made it across the room over to his closer and grab a pare of boxers and a grey cotten shirt. I flopped down on the bed and sighed having nothing more to do...

Slowly, My eyelids get heavier. I roll on my back and snuggle into a pillow. I let sleep consume me...


                  Dylan's pov


"What do you think is going on with the rogues? They show up more often." Alpha Thomas said while sighing.

I'm currently in a meeting with all of the neihboring Alpha's. There has been more rogue sightings than normal. Also more attacks.

They leave these notes behind that say "the silver shines bright in moonlight. A silver wolf howls into the dark night.."

"What do you think it mean's?" Alpha Connor wonders as he re- reads the note.

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