The Start Of Something New Part 4.

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Y/m/n:"You're all grown up and even beat your sister in marriage"She said making us laugh while Hanna groaned.

Hanna:"I have a boyfriend people"She said making us laugh even more.

Y/d/n:"I'm proud of you"He said hugging me making me smile and hug back.

Y/n:"Thanks dad"I said making him pat my back and pull away. I looked at my future wife and smiled"Hello Mrs Y/l/n"I said making her giggle and wrap her arms around my neck.

Hailey:"Hey"She said making me smile and kiss her nose.

Kylie:"Okay before you two gross us out with so much love let's celebrate"She said making us nod.

Payton:"Party time people!"She said making everyone cheer and walk to the cars. I caught up with Payton and and smiled.

Y/n:"Thanks for everything you did means a lot"I said making her smile at me.

Payton:"You're my beat friend.. I'd do anything for you"She said making me hug her. We pulled away and I pulled out a key giving it to her.

Y/n:"Its keys to my apartment in L.A that's near Kendall...I thought you could use it since you two made it official"I said making her smile big.

Payton:"Thank you!"She said hugging me again making me chuckle and hug back. She pulled away and walked over to Kendall while I walked back to my future wife. Yip that sounds perfect.

Hailey:"What happened there?"She asked making me smile and shrug.

Y/n:"Just helping out a friend"I said making her nod. I walked to my car and opened the door for her smiling"My lady"I said making her giggle and get in. I closed the door slowly and walked over to my side opening and shutting the door.

Hailey:"Where's everyone?"She asked making me look and see no one there.

Y/n:"They must be gone....why-"I was cut off by lips on mine making me kiss back instantly. She moved to my lap straddling me making me moan as she ran her hands through my hair.

Hailey:"I've been dying to this the whole day"She said pulling away and removing my jacket.

Y/n:"Hailey"I said breathless as she connected our lips again making me moan. I pulled away slightly"We have to go...they're gonna be waiting for us"I said making her pull away and look at me.

Hailey:"We got stuck in traffic...New York has a lot of traffic"She said connecting our lips again making me give in and move my hands down to her ass giving it a squeeze.

I moved my kisses down to her neck making her moan and run her hands through my hair pulling it a little making me groan. I moved my seat back and pulled the zip to her dress down and let my hands run down her back making her shiver.

Hailey:"Out"She said tugging my shirt making me pull away and remove my tie and waist coat making her groan and kiss me again. She moved her hands to my shirt and unbuttoned it while kissing making me moan. I helped remove the shirt and moved my hands to her dress slowly lifting it up.

Y/n:"Take it out"I mumbled pulling away. Some people would find it hard to get undressed in a car but when Hailey Baldwin is involved you'll find a way. Once her dress was out I moved my hands to her back undoing her bra and throwing it somewhere carelessly. She moved back a little and undid my button and zip.

Hailey:"Oh...Y/n"She moaned as I kissed down the valley of her breasts and moved to her nipples. She moved her hands to my hair tangling her hands in my hair as I sucked on her nipples making her moan and bite her lip.

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