The Start Of Something New Part 4.

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I looked up at her to see her starring at me and then the ring with her mouth still covered. I knew this was a lot to take in but was I given the wrong signs? Did I move things to fast? I was starting to get more nervous when I felt lips on mine making me kiss back instantly. She pulled away and cupped my face

Hailey:"Yes"She said making me stare at her shocked.

Y/n:"Wait really?"I asked making her laugh and nod.

Hailey:"Yes I want to marry you Y/n"She said making me snap out of my shocked state and slip the ring on her finger smiling like an idiot.

Y/n:"We're engaged"I said making her nod and smile.

Hailey:"We're engaged"She said making me pick her up and kiss her spinning her around. She giggled between kisses making me smile and place her down cupping her face and kissing her with more passion. I pulled and looked behind her smirking"What?"She asked making me point behind her.

Y/n:"Surprise babe"I said as she turned around to be greeted with all our families. Once she saw her family she ran and gave them hugs while everyone came and congratulated me.

Zayn:"Y/n/n!"He yelled coming and hugging me making me chuckle and hug back.

Abel:"Congrats Y/n!"He said hugging me making me smile and thank him.

Tyga&Taco:"Y/l/n!"They yelled hugging me making me stumble back"Congratulations"They yelled making me chuckle and thank them. I pulled away and saw the girls smiling like idiots and tears in their eyes. I walked towards them and wiped it away.

Y/n:"Whats the tears for?"I asked making them all hug me making me chuckle and little but hug back.

Kendall:"Y/n/n"She said making me hum.

Kylie:"You're engaged!"She yelled making me laugh and nod.

Y/n:"I know"I said making them roll their eyes playfully.

Bella:"My little Y/n/n is all grown up"She said pinching my cheeks.

Gigi:"I'm still gonna kiss your cheeks even if future wife gets annoyed"She said kissing my cheek making me chuckle. I walked to everyone and greeted them making them congratulate me. I looked for Hailey to see her standing with mines and her family along with Kendall's and everyone else.

Freya:"Well look who's here"She said as I walked towards them making them all look at me and smirk"You sly dog..."She said making me chuckle and wrap my arms around Hailey and kiss her cheek.

Stephan:"Hands Y/l/n"He said making me let go and step away from her clearing my throat.

Y/n:"Yea sir"I said making everyone laugh including them.

Kenya:"Y/n he's just joking darling"She said making me look down embarrassed.

Stephan:"Another reason why I love Y/n...she listens"He said making me chuckle.

Hanna:"Who would have thought that you'd be engaged before me"She said making Freya and Ian raise their hands earning a hit.

Ian:"Jokes"He said making everyone laugh"Congrats Y/n/n"He said hugging me making me smile and hug back.

Khloe:"My baby is all grown up"She said hugging me along with the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan and let me tell you...that hug is huge as fuck. They pulled away making me breathe again.

Y/n:"Damn...that was a huge hug"I said making them laugh. I walked to my parents and saw my mom tearing up making me sigh"Mom..."I said hugging her making her hug back.

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