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I never do these and someone tagged me in one (@helloweirdstranger) and I was bored so I decided to do it for once — just so I could join in the whole "Ugh, tagging is SO annoying" club.

{I didn't even answer these properly but ah well, boring details—I'm pretty sure I was supposed to make these up but I just googled some cause fuck that}

1.) Relationship? I mean really? Well, no one, obviously ~ gay and alone af ;)

2.) Crushes? Eh, I don't really get crushes—my last and only crush went for 2 years before my poor soul couldn't take it anymore and I threw my sock at her....it's a long story.

3.) Name? No way i'm telling you guys, but you can have a hint — it's my username, original I know, but i'm lazy af and so is life.

4.) Family? One mum, one dad, four brothers, one sister, a bazillion cousins and a restraining order {another long story}.

5.) Friends? I'd love to give ya a sob story but I honestly don't have one — I have many friends, and seven cats, which is all that matters to me (the cats not the friends)

6.) Favourite food and drinks? Well I don't eat much, too lazy to get up and make it, and I guzzle bottles of water everyday, but I guess —anything spicy, sweet and tea [tea is my entire life].

7.) Home? "Straya mate! Home to baby-eating dingos and onion-chomping Tony Abbotts!" — Perth...I live in Perth.

8.) Favourite Show? It varies, depends on what I'm watching at the time but right now i'm psyched for the new GOT so lets's just go with that.

9.) Favourite Anime? One Piece, always and forever — first thing I watched and it'll be the last thing I watch {HAPPY 20TH ANNIVERSARY ODA!}

10.) Appearance? Tall, skinny, long arse red hair, boobs, female, human, planet earth.

11.) Worst Fear? Dogs, I am utterly terrified of dogs, and flying insects {moths, bees, fuckin' anything that can fly — i'm batshit terrified of it}

12.) Star Sign? Scorpio~

13.) Cats or dogs? Cats obviously, fuck dogs — hate those demon spawns {although they are pretty damn cute, just keep them away from me- far, far away}

I guess I have to tag someone now...so i'll take @princessanastsia721 and everyone else reading this so HA.

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