Chapter 7 ~ Annabeth

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I'm time skipping two months. So she's six months, but since this is the Middle Ages, they don't keep track of this stuff and just give birth when the time is right.

Annabeth woke up one day to a bright and early morning. The morning sun hit her gray eyes. She tried to shield them. Annabeth loved her balcony. It gave her the perfect view of the village. She saw the people running around. She heard birds in the air. It was all a calming sight.

Out of all the eighteen attacks on Oceania, Annabeth's troops once lost once. She was proud of that. Annabeth was right about announcing her news. The people seemed so much happier and full of hope. When she came into the village, everyone smiled at her and asked her about the baby. She always replied fine.

But sometimes she wished none of this was happening. She wanted all of it to go away. Later today was supposed to be a battle. Did she have to go? Today, she heard Kronos was being out his largest troops and most powerful weapons. She was risking getting herself captured or even killed!

Annabeth rubbed her swollen stomach in frustration. She wished she could talk to her baby. Piper went back to Jupiter so Annabeth was by herself. She tried to stay as happy as possible, she knew it would be better for the baby.

Annabeth knew that she had to lead the army. General Zhang wasn't going to be able to take all of them. And they needed Annabeth or her brother out there, to plan and strategize. The other kingdoms were readying their armies near the water, like the siblings said. It was the best way to hold off an attack.

As she watched the village, she heard a knock on the door.

"Your highness, a messenger is here with a letter for you." she heard a gentle voice say.

Annabeth recognized that voice to be Hazel's.

"Alright. I'm coming."

Annabeth threw on a dress and opened the door. She saw Hazel standing there, a letter in her hand. Annabeth took the envelope and examined it. It bore the royal stamp of Oceania. A trident with water swirling around it with a crown on the top.

Annabeth was confused. Only the king, queen, or heirs could use the stamp. Unless...

Annabeth tore opened the letter. She searched for the signature. And, she happily notices what it said.

Your loving husband, Percy

Annabeth was extremely happy. She wanted to jump around in joy and hug the letter to her chest. But no, she had to read the letter.

My dear Annabeth,
I missed you so much. I'm so sorry for leaving you and the baby. How do you feel? Are you alright? Are the people treating you well as their ruler? Speaking of the baby, I had a carpenter make the baby's cradle. I think you will love it.
I suppose you were worrying about me this whole time, weren't you? I should probably tell you of my plans. First off, I'm sorry I could come say this to your face. Please tell Piper, Jason and Malcolm I said hello. I'm in the army, the very troops you were leading. I fixed my hair and wore glasses so no one would recognize me. I took on the name Perry Johnson as a cover. I was the one that danced with you at the ball.
Annabeth, please forgive me. When I found out about the baby, I felt guilty. I wished I could take back my entire plan, but I can't. When our time is done, which I next month, I promise I'll come home. I swear.
I'm sorry for making you lead the country and have a baby to take care of without me. Didn't you ever sometimes wished you could get away from everything? I wanted to serve with the troops, not lead or command them. That seems to be your thing, you have a mind for plans.
Summing everything I've said up, I missed you and love you more than the number of stars at night. I'll be there for you. I promise. Until I come home, I love you.

Your loving husband, Percy...

Annabeth had tears in her eyes as she read the letter. Most of all she felt relief. She ran her fingers over the sweet words Percy had written. Until I come home, I love you. She touched the fine script and reread the words in her mind.

Annabeth wanted to write back, but there wasn't an address to write back to. It was all so frustrating! Annabeth just had to survive one more moths. Hopefully nothing could happen by then.

As usual, her luck was just getting worse.

Annabeth woke up to an alarm ringing in the castle. Hazel was knocking on her door furiously.

"Your highness! Wake up! An attack on the castle!"
"What?" Annabeth asked groggily.

She sat up and threw on a bathrobe. Annabeth grabbed her bronze dagger. She opened the door to her lady in waiting's frantic face.

"The general's ordering an evacuation of the castle! Please, your highness, follow me!" Hazel whisper-shouted.

Annabeth gasped. Hazel took her hand and led her down the servants' secret staircase. They ran to the gardens, as they were farthest from the action. Annabeth felt guilty. She wanted to be helping and planning the battle. But something in her heart told her this was best.

Finally they reached the gardens. Someone awaited them there, surprising the ladies.

"Hello ladies, I take it you are Queen Annabeth and her lady in waiting?"

General Octavian of Kronos's army. His white-blond hair blew in the wind. His blue eyes shone with madness. Annabeth was glad she took her dagger before leaving.

"What do you want Octavian?" Annabeth asked angrily.
"Nothing, just you as my prisoner."

Annabeth almost charged him. Hazel's hand held her back. She calmed down. Octavian held a large sword, a gladius, which challenged Annabeth's dagger. Hazel stayed silent observing the situation. Annabeth was, for once, speechless.

Octavian pointed his sword at Annabeth.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Which do you prefer?"

It wasn't a question. It was a threat. Next, Octavian noticed Annabeth's six month baby bump. He smirked at it.

"Oceania's heir, I presume. Would it be worse if I hurt it?"
"You wouldn't dare." Annabeth growled.

I pointed his sword at her stomach. Annabeth was filled with rage.

Not my child.

That was it. She struck. Using her knife, she parried Octavian's strikes. In an instant, Annabeth was pinned to the ground. Hazel was frozen in fear. He pointed his sword at her neck. Annabeth clenched her teeth. Her gray eyes brewing up a storm. Octavian smirked at her. Uh oh. What was he going to do?

Dun, dun, dun....... what will happen next? I'm sorry, not sorry, for these cliffhangers. Love you all! See ya next chapter. Vote and comment!

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