Christina Mayer: Oh, What a World!

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'What have you done to me?' Christina asked in horror. Her voice was higher-pitched and she sounded like she was out of breath. Her dark red dress was completely covered by the blood she had shed from the melting of her skin. She looked in the mirror again at her haggard appearance. She froze in mortification.

'Do you mean what you did to yourself?' Bridget rhetorically asked, once again turning the tables on her. 'I promised to help your friends but you should never trust a witch. Sure, Eric is alive, but only because I needed to gain your trust early. Justin is now trapped in the spirit world forever, no power of ours will be able to save him now. And do you know what has become of poor little Carmen?'

Christina buckled at the thought of failing her friends, she didn't respond to Bridget's question, but she desperately wanted to know.

'Let's just say she's been promoted to Lakefield Ripper,' Bridget informed her. 'And Tiffany is going to have her hands full with dead children in a few minutes.'

'The Blood Moon...' Christina said in dismay.

'Not yet,' Bridget corrected her. 'No, my sisters and I have enchanted the tomb she is currently inside so that decayed little humans will wake from their slumber. That means almost all of the Marked Ones are currently in peril – one is a Ripper, one is an evil hag, one is a ghost, and the other is going to be a ghost. So that only leaves one...'

A fury woke inside of Christina. 'Leave Eric. I will give you what you want, just leave him alone.'

'I'll consider,' Bridget teased, 'if you sacrifice yourself to me and my sisters.'

Christina felt sick. 'So that the coven will be all natural witches?'

'Precisely – and with that, we will have natural power over nature. That is a power that will help us escape this cursed town once and for all. You've always had the power to leave, but never the strength to do so.'

'I'm not longer a natural witch, thanks to you,' Christina spat. 'If you want me to sacrifice myself, isn't that a little too late?'

'Silly girl, of course it isn't too late. You're still a Marked One and that means everything in this town. Did you not know?' Bridget started to laugh. 'Oh, girl. I can't kill you or your friends. Your souls are not the witches to take. But if you take your own life, your sacrifice would break our curse as well as the entire town's!'

Christina keeled over. 'Are you saying that if I killed myself, the curse would be broken? My friends won't be the Marked Ones anymore?'

'Yes, without you, there is no curse.'

'That might be true,' Christina said hesitantly, but she stood as tall as she could, 'but I'm not listening to a single piece of bull that comes out of your mouth. You may have tied me to your shitty coven, but I will never be your lapdog again.'

'Selfish, aren't we?'

'I've just wised up to your shit, witch.'

As Bridget smirked at Christina's remark, a blinding light filled the room. The brightness singed Christina's eyeballs, and even when she scrunched her eyes shut, the white had permanently bled into her vision.

With her arm over her head for protection, Christina fell to her knees and wheezed uncontrollably. She felt the effects of old age – her blood slowed, her heart beat irregularly. It took minutes before she could open her eyes, and she groaned as she did so.

She was no longer in the altar room. Her eyes, though she still saw white, fell upon deadly stalactites hanging from the ceiling of a cave. Her movements became wary as she tried to stand while avoiding the stalactites.

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