chapter twenty-five

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I woke up leaning against a wall, my belongings were thrown around me and the air smelled like gunpowder. I looked over at my diary, Notes about the 'royals' and other unusual scribbles filled the once blank page. At least they give me some info on what the heck I did when they take control. Heroes trying to save heroes. Oh how I wish that they left their memories alone, now the 'royals' think I'm their sibling. Sighing I stretched my joints clicking as I regained complete control.

"Luna! Are you coming to breakfast!?" Annabeth questioned happily through the door.

Say yes, They'll get mad if you don't. The only reasonable voice in my head muttered. I knew to listen, I would be in trouble if I didn't.

"Sure, just let me get ready. I'll meet you and the others there," She hummed in response her flats tapping against the stone floor as she skipped away. At least one of us are taking the whole 'sisters' thing well. Though I shouldn't complain I'd take this over faked memories any day. Still don't get why that book wasn't in the forbidden section. Oh well, it doesn't matter now. I quickly tidied up and got into my uniform before running to breakfast. I'll check the notes later.

"Good morning guys!" I said as I sat next to Annabeth at the breakfast table. She smiled in response and Calypso handed me a plate of food. 

That maid is weird. It's almost like she doesn't really understand this time period.

I held back a snigger as the voice spoke again, I feel as looney as I seem saying that. Even to myself. I ate breakfast quietly as my own thoughts entertained me. I felt my heart drop as a certain thought filled my head.

They are going to hate me but it's too late now, I've dug a hole that I can't get out of. Stupid Ghosts.


I walked down the halls quickly, stupid moving stairs. I straightened my Gryffindor Tie as I hunted for another staircase.

"Lost?" a voice spoke out, it was young and mildly low pitched but definitely not a child's. I turned looking for the owner but could not find one.

"Who, who's there?" I fearful questioned pulling my books closer to my chest as I looked around wildly. 

"I'm right here," I jumped as a ghost of a man stood before me. I glared at him as I took in his appearance, his whole body was silver. As all ghosts were but his almond shaped eyes and high cheekbones stood out from many of the ghosts here. I felt a cold shiver run along my left side as he pushed a stray curl behind my ear.

"That's not what I asked, I said who are you not where are you?" I stated defensively, I was not in the mood to be civil towards this stranger, I just wanted to get to class.

"Enough about me," He flicked his hand into the air as if he was swatting something away and leant down to look in my eyes.

"You said that you needed directions, right?" I felt confusion wash over me, Did I?

"Well just turn this corner and keep on walking straight!" He said happily, I smiled. This ghost was good after all. I felt an odd pull at in my head but ignored it in favour of walking to class.

"Thanks..." I said wait for his name,

"Oh, my name! People call me........


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