Chapter 8

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"Let me grab us some more beers and shots it's gonna be a long night lads!" Niall cheers before rushing off to get drinks.

We were currently at the bar Niall Liam and I. The boys had gone off about how I've been out of contact and Casey had told them I was sad which was not true.
I wasn't sad nope, okay so maybe I was a little sad but I mean Nick gets to keep Harry who wouldn't be sad.

Liam was staring at his phone texting away before he smiled big.

"Mmh find yourself a new fling?" I tease him and he rolls his eyes but his fond smile still playing at his lips.

"Maybe but anyway don't think you're getting out of telling me why you've been so down who broke little tommo's heart I'll gladly break their face." Liam says defensively and I manage to crack a smile at that.

I sigh before speaking "Not necessary really, not that you would even hurt a fly, but really I'm fine just missing my family a little it's okay to feel a little blue sometimes innit?"

Liam doesn't look totally convinced but nods and smiles softly anyway "Well suck it up tonight because we're drinking till we can't walk." Niall suddenly says as comes behind us with a plate full of drinks.

We all clink our glasses together before drinking the beer.

"Oh guys you know Zayn right?" Liam says making me stop breathing for a second.

"Zayn? Zayn as in Harry's insanely hot friend?" Liam furrows his eye brows but nods "Yes and don't call him insanely hot." Liam hisses and I can't help but laugh "Sorry Payno he's all yours." He blushes before smiling.

"Yeah I think Harry and that one tall bloke, his boyfriend I think are also coming along." I suddenly can't breathe again.

It's been three weeks since I last since Harry three weeks of 4 missed calls and one "I miss you...:(" text message one that was so hard not to reply to I could practically see the pout on his pretty pink lips.

"Louis are you okay?" Liam asks suspiciously "Yeah I'm good."

"You looked like you were about to shit your pants." Niall comments "Yeah I just thought I had forgotten to lock my door after I left home."

They both just nod and Zayn walks in dressed in a black tank top with a red plaid shirt tied around his slim waist, black skinny jeans on and his hair which was last time, in a quiff is now swept to the side making him look adorable.

Liam's entire face lit up and he's smiling fondly as Zayn walks further in but behind him is someone I've been trying to avoid.

The curly locks are the first thing I see.
Then it's him entirely, he's dressed in a lavender colored jumper and surely painted on his jeans. His legs seem to have gotten more heavenly since I last saw them. His lips are still so pretty but not as pretty as his eyes which are still as green as ever expect they don't look as happy anymore but maybe I'm just seeing things.

His eyes lock on mine and I quickly look down to see Nicks hand laced in between Harry's.

"Hey Mates." Zayn speaks as he reaches us waving at us.

"Hi Zayn." Liam is the first to greet him and we all say our greetings back as Niall moves to let Zayn into the booth to sit next to Liam.

Harry and Nick walk over and I can hear my heart beating.

"Hey guys." Harry greets kinda quietly and I can feel his eyes on me but Niall hugs him "Nice to see you again Harry thanks for the recipe it was delicious" Wow when did Niall and Harry chat.

Nick then waved at us all as Harry talked to Niall and Liam waves back I simply nod.

We all have to move over to let Harry and Nick sit down.

For the next hour Niall is telling stories in different accents making everyone laugh and I can feel Harry's eyes on me every here and then.

I'm feeling a little buzzed and I finally look to meet his eyes and I feel trapped again suffocated by Harry and my stupid feelings.

He gives me a shy smile and I look away immediately.

"I'm gonna go get some air.." I say before walking outside.

I ask for a cigarette from a tall blonde girl who was smoking near by she lets me use her lighter as well, before she heads back inside with a smile and a nod.

A few seconds past before it happens.

"Came for fresh air? I don't see how with all this smoke around you." Harry says teasingly and I almost choke.

I look up to see him looking at me almost hopeful, his green eyes shining and his lips as pink as ever.

I take a long drag and exhale before I hear him sigh besides me.

"Louis.. can you please talk to me I've tired calling you and texting you and you've been ignoring me and I d-" I cut him off quickly pressing my lips to his.

I couldn't hold back anymore I just needed this one more time.

He kisses back immediately I probably taste like cigarettes but he tastes like vodka.

He attaches his hands around my neck deepen the kiss.

I finally pull away to breathe and our foreheads lean against each other. Trying to catch our breathes Harry smiles dimples showing off.

"Meet me later at my place." I whisper and Harry nods hastily. 

It was only half past 10 when Niall had fallen asleep on the table and everyone else but Harry and I were dancing.

Nick was with a friend which left Harry and I alone.

"Well little one should we get drinks?" I ask him and he giggles.

"Little one? You're not over 5'5"

"Oi! I'm big and I'm also big in other ways." I wink and Harry let's out a loud laugh covering his mouth.

"Now if your done insulting my height I'll be getting those drinks." Harry just grins and walks with me.

At about 11:30 we were all leaving.

I say goodbye to everyone before going home. My phone beeps as I'm driving home and it's from Harry.

Coming in 10 minutes ;)

Cheeky lad I can't help but grin I push away all the thoughts I've had before and pretend Nick doesn't exist tonight is just about Harry.

I get home and change into sweatpants before I see the bag, the purchase I had made before I ignored Harry.

Tonight's gonna be exciting.

BACK TO YOU IS AMAZING I'm so proud of Louis!! I also just saw Dunkirk yesterday and wow it was beautiful Harry really did deserve that role. I'm so proud of my dads

Short chapter sorry

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