Chapter Thirty-Seven

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The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script

Hold My Hand - The Fray


Justin's POV

The car ride to my mother's house had never felt so fucking long. One part of me immensely regretted not bringing Brooke, but the other part praised myself for being a protective, kind boyfriend.

I didn't know what my mom was hiding, and if it's something huge I didn't want Brooke seeing me snap at her first hand.

The car ahead of me stopped, so I quickly slammed on the breaks. Great, now I was stuck in traffic.

I pulled out my phone thumbing a message to Brooke.


I waited for about a minute until she replied.


A goofy grin came on my face. I hoped she was having a good time at Daniel's, but not better than when she's with me, of course.

'I'm stuck in traffic and I'm bored as fuck.'

'Sucks to suck. But, I can help entertain you.'

A smirk grew on my face, and I bit my lip to stop laughing as I sent her another message.

'Send me nudezzz.'

An angry emojii comes from Brooke and I laughed loudly. I sent her a 'I have to go, I love you.' before turning my attention back to the road, as the cars began to move.

About another twenty minutes later I reached Princeton, passing the university campus and rolling down my mother's street. Although she could be hiding something important from me, I was still excited to see her.

I parked my car on the street in front of her house, seeing there was already two cars in my mom's driveway. I knew my mom only had one car (a shit brown pruis) so why was there a red volvo taking up my usual spot? Is this what my dad said she was hiding from me, the fact that she bought a new car? I knew this was going to be waste of my time.

Nonetheless, I waltzed up onto her porch, banging my scarred fist on her door. I stuffed my hands into my black leather pants' pockets, slightly pulling them up. My mom always wanted me to pull my pants up. Finally, the door swung open, and I'm met with my mother's smiling face.

"Justin!" She gasped, immediately pulling me into a hug. I look over my shoulder, making sure no one was watching, before I squeeze her closer to my chest. "What are you doing here?" We pulled away from our hug, but I leave my hand on her back as we walk into the house.

"I was with Jeremy today." I started, lazily kicking my shoes off. "He said you have something you need to tell me."

My mom awkwardly scratched her neck, letting out such a fake fucking laugh it made me want to bang my head against the wall. "I don't have anything to tell you."

"Stop with the fucking games, mom." I spat at her. "Just tell me."

"Watch your language with me, young man," she scolded. Her perfectly manicured nail poked me in the chest, causing me to take a small step backwards.

"Then stop lying to my damn face!" I yelled, and suddenly, I hear a bang from upstairs.  I was rarely ever rude to my mother, as I was grateful for her, but I was just not having it today. The lies seemed to just keep piling up, and I was sick of it.

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