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Family dinner was going about as well as Draco expected after both he and Harry had denied Teddy. It wasn't as though this hadn't happened before, but Teddy wasn't his. Not really. So Draco was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. He tried to stay calm when talking to the teen, because he never knew when the blue haired boy would finally get tired of him...when Harry would finally get tired of him.

Harry ran headfirst into danger, no matter the consequences. It was why he never would have made it as an auror, the blonde thought to himself as he watched his husband and his son discuss the ins and out of muggle sports which Harry, admittedly, didn't know much about.

The group hadn't realized how late it had gotten during their meal. After dinner, both Harry and Draco walked their boys back to their common rooms before making the trek back towards their own rooms in the teacher's quarters.

The next morning was when they realized something was up. Harry had been sick for the last week or so. Every morning and sometimes late into the afternoons. For the most part he was able to keep it from his husband, who's first class started a bit later. They met at breakfast and Harry could usually just grin and bear it, but not today.

"Potter! Get your hot arse back in the bed," snapped Draco as he reached his hand across the bed to feel that although the sheets were still warm they were, in fact, absent of one tall messy haired prat.

Harry was going to respond. He had already thought up something about being glad that Draco knew his ass was in fact hot, but at the moment he had his head hung over the toilet adjoined to their room as he chucked up whatever was left of dinner last night. The sound of him sicking up is what brought the blonde rushing into the bathroom wearing only his underpants one of Harry's too big tees.

"How long has this been going on?"

"A little over a week, I guess," said the messy haired man sitting back against the wall after flushing the toilet.

"And you didn't think it was something you should tell me?" Draco was standing by the sink, looking through the medicine cabinet before pulling out a pepper up and handing to his sick husband.

"'Cause it's not bad until I'm still. When I'm sleep it gets worse." Harry downed the potion in one go and then waited for it to settle in his stomach before exhaling in relief.

"What gets worse?"

"I think I caught some type of stomach bug. It just gets worse when I stay stationary for too long. It's like I can feel my stomach wrestling to keep my food down."

Draco paused.

"Have you- uh- have you been to see Poppy?"

"No, it isn't that serious. Plus Madam Pomfrey has to focus on the students. Not to mention, I've been to the hospital wing enough to last three lifetimes. I'm in no hurry to go back."

"But, Harry, what if- I just mean to say, what if it is that serious?" He pleaded.

"Then I would need to be in St. Mungos and I would much rather just deal with it by myself. I'm sure they have more important cases to take care of then whatever stomach thing I have going on," Harry responded pushing himself off the floor and moving to the sink to brush his teeth and get the combined vile taste of vomit and pepper-up from his tongue.

"Yeah, okay," the paler man agreed quietly. "Just promise me you'll go see Pomfrey sometime today. Just to see what's going on... A routine check up." Draco was watching the green eyed man in front of him carefully. Other than an exasperated eye roll, he didn't look too annoyed. He decided that meant that the Gryffindor git would have sucked up his pride or whatever stopped him from taking care of himself and headed to the infirmary at some point.

"Will that make you happy?" Harry asked looking at the blonde in the mirror, after he spit into the sink.


"Fine. I'll go after my first class. I have a free period, Scorp and I have been reorganizing my bookshelves."

"Oh," gasped Draco with false excitement. "You two are such a riot, I swear to Merlin you may have to give yourself a detention."

"Ha ha, Malfoy, very funny." Harry said as he turned around and wrapped his arms around his husband's neck. Draco placed his hands on the slightly shorter man's waist then leaned in and placed a kiss on his nose. When he leaned back again Harry was looking up into his eyes, forcing him to stare into those endless fields of green. "And relax. I can feel how worried you are through the bond. Nothing's wrong. I would know that much."

"If that's what you believe," shrugged the blonde. At the look on the other man's face he smiled small. "You know I would do anything for you, love. I just don't want you to be sick.  I want to know that everything is okay. That we're okay."

"Yeah, of course we're o- Did you think we weren't? Why- what would make you think that?"

"It's just we've been arguing a lot lately, over the simplest things. I don't want you to think we rushed into this or we made some spur of the moment decision or-"

"I just- I don't know. I feel like I should apologize. I have been a bit harder to get along with, but seriously, Dray, I've known you for almost 20 years and loved you for more than half of them. I promise, I don't think we could rush into anything." He succeeded in making the blonde laugh before placing another kiss, this time on his lips then they untangled themselves from each other and got to work getting ready for the rest of their day.

Normally the first step was to shower if they weren't in a hurry, and usually together if they were both up at the same time. Today was no different. Harry stepped in after Draco and wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist from behind. After a few moments the taller man turned in his grasp and pulled him back into the spray of the water with him then placed a light kiss on his forehead. They felt each other's hearts beat as the water beat down on them. He reached over and grabbed the shampoo before lathering up the soft, messy, ebony locks, bending his head down afterwards so that Harry could do the same. They took turns washing each other up and rinsing off, before they literally could not waste any more time.

Once they had stepped out, left the bathroom and finished dressing in a comfortable kind of silence Draco spoke up.

"So...I'll see you at lunch?" He asked before swishing his wand, causing his shoes to tie themselves while he fixed his robes. Harry stood half-in half-out of the door to their room. The chill of the corridor made it seem almost too easy in the way it slipped into their room. Harry shrugged one of his shoulders in an attempt to fix his own dress robes before Draco marched over and did it himself. Harry smiled goofily at him

"Yeah, I'll see you at lunch. Maybe before that if this check up thing with Pomfrey goes sideways..."

"You're the Boy Who Lived, remember?" teased Draco as he pecked Harry's lips and ran his fingers through the messy locks in yet another failed attempt to tame it. "You'll be fine."


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