10 Days

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'They know where you are. They found you. 10 days. They will be here. You only have 10 days. Spend it with her while you can because soon, there will be no one to talk to. You will be dead. They want you. They really do. Your father knows they're coming too. He's trying. Really trying to stop them. It won't work. They are too strong. They have grown. Not as strong as the power you hold. You can destroy them. But you're too weak of a state to do so. So fragile. So weak. So irritant.'

Cold sweat pooled from Kasey's forehead as she woke up. 10 days. That's all she could think of. Before she could think deeper into the thought, an alarm went off, signaling Kasey to get up.

She stood up, heading to her closet. She grabbed blue converse from the shoe rack, blue jeans that were ripped and a grey crop top with a turtle neck that was closely fitted to her skin. She ran down stairs and headed out the door, ignoring the note and breakfast in the kitchen. She ran to school, looking for Crystal when she was in campus. Crystal was sitting on a bench outside, staring at the building. When Crystal noticed Kasey approaching her, she smiled and waved (just smile and wave boys, smile and wave XD). Kasey smiled back, giving a tiny wave.

"I heard there's a new café around here. Wanna check it out with me??" Crystal asked, excitement lacing through her voice.

"S-sure! Meet me a-at this spot at the end of the d-day? I need to get s-some things organized in my l-locker." Kasey asked.

"Okie dokie! We better get going to our classes then." And with that, the girls headed into the school, passing by a bed of roses.


Okay, so this book is going to be in the twenties until it ends and I have many days to do. Most will have 300 words while others will be in the 1000. It just depends if I need to detail the day more. Updates are going to be a bit hard but I'm trying my best.

Word count: 300+

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