21. Biting

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Adam settled after a long heavy petting session and sweet kisses. He didn't let Vitesh move from the bed to push back the curtains and flattened his body over his mate. The heavy moon light didn't peek inside and they watched crimson tendrils pull back the heavy black-out curtains instead. He breathed in their mixed scents and curled up, safe and warm against Vitesh's naked chest.

Three in the morning ticked by and Adam couldn't sleep. Still high off the endorphins from the Marking, he wasn't sure how to stop the heat crawling up his spine and into his blood. He didn't realise he was whining until Vitesh's arms tightened around his waist and waking up.

"Adam?" Vitesh husked, trying to squint through the dark at his Chosen. "What... it?"

If Adam knew, he'd tell his concerned mate but he was getting too warm. He rolled away, trying to drag off his sleep shirt and then his pants. "Hot," He whined, a high pitched noise that had Vitesh scrambling to get closer. "Too... hot..."

"Pilla, it's okay," Vitesh assured but it came out strangled. He wasn't handling this any better than Adam and he knew it. "Uh, do you need me to summon ice or..."

"Scent," The whine desperate and it spurred him into immediate action. Vitesh crowded in against his Chosen and burrowed his head against Adam's throat where his new marks were. The teeth had broken through skin and blood had flooded his mouth but it was exactly what Adam had needed during the chase. They were werewolf-engaged and it occurred to Adam while thrashing about and trying to get closer to his mate that he may have triggered something. Every last inch of skin against the Adam's body felt solid and safe. It was delicious and his scent drove the rational thoughts from his mind.

The hardness pressing into his thigh was larger than his own.

"Ad--Adam," He croaked, eyelids fluttering. "Y--you need to..."

Lips tickled along his jaw and the surprise moan was a shock to his system. One moment, Adam was cute and squishy, the next the most voracious little minx that was making Vitesh's body rebel against his own common sense. The purring from Adam wasn't helping matters.

He wrenched back when Adam began rutting, cheeks flushed and blood pumping through his limbs. "Adam, is this what you want?" He whispered when the wolf blinked up to him. "I have to be sure. I don't want you to regret this."

Regret us, the silent implication hovered between them.

Adam paused long enough to fight through the lustful haze in his body and curl back towards his mate. "S-sorry. Sleep," His voice got thicker the more exhaustion pressed down on his pounding head. "Sorry, mate."

Vitesh crooned, pressing a tender kiss to his lips and shaking his head. "Don't be sorry. I'm here," He promised and curled back around Adam's slighter form. "Goodnight, my only."

Vitesh heard the purring, the vibrations sending him to sleep in minutes, regardless of his southern problem.


Vitesh left Adam in bed early in the morning, regretful as he dragged on a pair of slacks and a white shirt. "We are still interrogating that second shooter from the Orchla residence. He has been kept in the cells for the last week," He told his mate while bending to slip on shoes he wouldn't mind getting blood on.

Adam hated watching him go and no amount of blankets soaked in Vitesh's scent could sate that yearning in his gut.

After a whole hour of rolling around and whining, he decided to seek out his mate. Dragging the thickest blanket around his sleep shirt and baggy shorts, he shuffled out into the hall and sniffed. Vitesh wasn't on this floor and that meant he either went out with his Family or in the basement. By the amount of activity in the main entrance, Vitesh had to be in the torture chambers. Vitesh didn't like to participate if he had the choice so he waited out the ones in the cells until they squealed on every other day.

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