20. Pups

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The moment Adam had stepped into the moonlight, he felt floored. Spending full moons alone or hidden away like the scourge of humanity itself, he had forgotten how euphoric it was to be surrounded by the warmth of magic and his brother's scent. Vin dove into the act of getting to know his new parents. The mates were a submissive male rogue and the pack beta, wasting no time in assuring the pup of his place in their growing family. Adam could safely say he had high hopes for that growing family and Vin had understood the need to leave and be in a stable family unit. The pup had even let Abel come close to scent Adam in greeting without getting too scared.

As Adam caught sight of Abel again, the simmering excitement amped up. The alpha stalked over to the congregation of Jinn and his little brother, ignoring the others to rub his palm on Adam's nape and scent him thoroughly. "Heard about the present to the Council," The alpha smirked and Adam nipped at his jaw affectionately. Adam got one in return, no teeth to scrape against his skin though. "Very impressive."

"Your idea," Adam pointed out with a wide grin. "Member?"

Abel barked out a laugh and dragged a compliant Adam into a tight hug. "Want to join in the Chase?" He asked and glanced over to Vitesh who had been quietly observing the pack. "Time your mate went by our traditions."

"Yeah, you can even use your smoke," An excited beta wolf interrupted when Adam hesitated, passing with a deep mug full up on pungent alcohol in both hands. "Imran, come on over and have some drinks with us. The Chase isn't for a few hours."

Most of the Jinn went along with the wolves, already mingling and offering stories of their own. Vitesh wasn't left alone for long when Adam tucked his head under his jaw and nuzzled his cheek. "Abe says Vin will have a birthday party soon. We can come, right?" He asked his mate who didn't bother to think about the offer. Vitesh nodded while his arms went around Adam and levelled a respectful nod at Abel. The two 'alphas' were silent for a moment before Vitesh cleared his throat.

"Alpha Abel, I would like to formally ask your permission to court your brother," The Jinni rumbled and if Abel's glare could kill, the Jinni would be six feet under. "I have the utmost respect and love for Adam and I know your opinions and thoughts mean the world to him. I cannot in good conscience court and mate him without him knowing you agree."

The only thing stopping Abel from outright snarling was the hopeful but dim light in Adam's eyes when the wolf stared back to the Alpha. With a put upon sigh, he tilted his head. "You hurt him, I tear you apart," He snarled for effect but it got ruined by Adam jumping at him and hugging his alpha with lips on his nose. "Pup."

"Alpha," Adam beamed back and laughed when Abel hooked an arm around his waist to tickle his side.

"You sure?" His dark burgundy eyes flashed a deadly crimson. "I can still kill 'em."

Shaking his head and nuzzling Abel's bared throat, he rumbled a canine purr. "No killing mate. I'm sure," He whispered so that it was between them. His brother had to know how important his mate was to him. They were so loving and could easily become the strongest of allies. In pack and battle. "I love you both. Need Vi'esh."

The fight drained and Abel scented his throat in turn. The gesture conveyed acceptance.

"He's the most important to you. No exceptions," The alpha snarled the last words over Adam's head.. He dared Vitesh to disagree. "He is the only reason I don't kill every one of you. He's the only thing stopping me from burning the world."

"Abel!" Adam whined, shoving playfully. "No fire."

Alpha Abel sighed. "Fine," He conceded with a scowl that could wilt the flower gardens bordering the pack house. Bonfires freaked his brother out and he refused his pack's pleas for a massive one this night. If he were honest, he wasn't fond of flames reaching high into the night sky either. Small camp fires were the substitute and littered all around the massive clearing. Vin sat at one of them with his new parents that were scenting his puppy side with a shower of loving kisses. It made something inside Adam ache.

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