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Harry Potter had been through a lot. When he was a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry it was something different every year. Now that he was a teacher he didn't know why he would have thought it would be any different.

The first month of the new term and both he and Draco had had enough.

They had barely been married a year and with that type of domestic...bliss? Harry fought to find a better word. It wasn't bad of course, but it was difficult. He scoffed to himself. What part of being married to Draco Malfoy ever sounded blissful?

The blonde had just been grating on his nerves as of late. Even with the simplest things. He didn't know what it was, but he had just felt so...uneasy lately. He had been sick for almost two weeks, unsurprisingly, now that he saw almost his entire group of third years were going through a bit of a stomach bug epidemic.

He flopped down in the chair behind his desk before letting his head thump to his desk. The door slammed open moments later.

"Pops, I was talking to Father and he thinks-"

Harry's head popped up only to be covered in sticky notes and paperclips.

"Since when did you start calling him Father?" Harry asked a shockingly tall Teddy. The boy had shot up in the last 6 months and Harry shook his head at him while peeling notes from his face. He made sure to stick the grocery list off to the side where he would remember it.

"Since Daddy started sounding too childish... Anyway, Father says that I can go as long as you say it's alright."

"Where are you going exactly?"

"It's a class trip for history of magic, remember? We spend a week camping like you did during the war."

The ravenette shook his head with a small grin before looking towards his desk and getting started on grading a few papers.

"Yeah, sure. I don't see why not."

"Thanks, Pa," Teddy said as his hair shivered through each color of the rainbow in his excitement. When he didn't make any move to leave Harry looked up again.

"Am I missing something, Ted?"

"Family dinner tonight. We're eating in father's office tonight."

"So why didn't you ask me once we got there?" The older man pulled down his glasses a bit before narrowing his eyes at the fidgeting 16 year old in from of him.


"Draco said no."

"He said that he didn't belive you'd done it so he most certainly will not let me do it unless you agreed."

"He didn't believe I'd-" Harry gaped before standing up and grabbing his robes from the back of his chair as they marched to Draco's class. "What, he think I redid my seventh year for bloody kicks or something?"

He pushed the door to the potions class open angrily, just as the tutoring session was being concluded. He looked to his husband who had been given the full time position after not only having his students get higher marks than with their previous potion instructor, but also publishing the third and fourth book on Harry's life.

"You don't think I did what!?" snapped Harry once the students had left. Teddy had hurried into the office where Scorpius was already seated on the comfortable slytherin green loveseat.

"I doubt you camped out for horcruxes our seventh year," Draco responded nonchalantly, not missing a beat. He began walking around the class checking to make sure everything was off and clean. As he walked he spoke. "I also doubt Weasley defeated a horcrux by himself. We had to teach him how to potty train Hugo and he already had a child before that!"

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