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Harry James Malfoy-Potter could gladly say he had never thought he would be sitting on any couch in his house and having tea with Dudley Dursley, who unknowingly married a squib and had a magical daughter. He would also never have thought Dudley would come looking for him to help prepare his now Hogwarts aged daughter to head off to school.

It was bloody laughable.

He's pretty sure Draco did laugh. Multiple times, actually. Eventually he just excused himself from the room and took Dudley's daughter, Ava, to hang out with Scorpius and Teddy.

"So- uh..." started his cousin staring at the baby in his lap instead of up at him. "You have a daughter?"

"I have twin girls actually, and two sons."

"Oh," the bigger man responded dumbly, not knowing what else to say. "Where's their mother?"

"Long story," Harry said with a tone even he wasn't sure how to decipher. Instead, he tries to turn the conversation to the real topic at hand. "Why don't you tell me about Ava..."

"Nothing to tell," Dudley's wife, Vivian, speaks up for the first time since she's walked through the door. "She's a- a witch," she whispered to him conspiratorically as if she weren't used to speaking out loud about it. Harry only nodded, because he remembered that feeling. The understanding that even when you're safe you just have to double check and triple check your surroundings to make sure you aren't being followed. The feeling of not being sure if even a safe zone was safe.

"Her letter from Hogwarts came and we didn't know what to do. I- uh- I remember you getting your letters," Dudley puts in. "All the letters all over the house. We couldn't even go out for all the owls waiting."

"So..." Harry said, looking away. "Why did you need my help?"

"My parents died before the war ended. I was only 14 and since I wasn't in Hogwarts, I was sent into muggle foster care," Vivian says by way of explanation. "I don't know how to- well I can't teach her anything. She has to go to Hogwarts and I can't really help her buy any of this stuff, I don't even know what half of it is and Duddy said you would know. He's been bragging about this brave cousin of his, but I never knew it was- I mean, you're Harry Potter. When he found out Ava took after my side of the family he told me who you were and I bloody flipped!"

"I guess I could help you decipher some of the things on the list, but-"

He was cut off by crying. He looked down at his daughter who was looking back up at him with wide eyes and a hand in her mouth.

"Potter!" Yelled Draco from upstairs. He looked over at his cousin and his cousin's wife who didn't want anything but a little help. Something his Uncle Vernon wouldn't have asked for if it killed him and he sighed before motioning for them to follow him up the stairs and into the rest of the house.

"Nice house you got here," said Dudley as they made their way up one of the winding staircases.

"It's my husband's family home," he replied. "It's bloody tortue with all these steps."

It's as if only then Dudley began putting together the pieces.

"So the man who opened the door is your-" Dudley stops when he spots his daughter laughing at something a little pale haired boy is showing her. There is a blue haired boy making faces off to the side as well. "Those are your boys?" He asks instead.

"Yeah," Harry responds fondly like he's forgot where he is. He shakes his head. "Would you like to meet them? I mean, I guess you have to since you're here, but-"

"Daddy!" says Ava Dursley pleasantly, before rushing over and wrapping her arms around her father. "They can do magic like I can!" Harry smiles at the young girl, because she hasn't learned the same shame her mother has and he's happy for her.

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