Chapter 3

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MY FRIEND MADE THE OUTFIT FOR YOU, LOVELY READERS! IT'S SUPER CUTE. JUST ADD A PAIR OF FLATS, THEN THE OUTFIT IS COMPLETE! (Also tell me if it doesn't load. Sometimes, Wattpad doesn't load the picture after I post it, which is kind of annoying.)


(Y/N) covered her eyes as Ja'far opened the windows, rolling over and groaning. She hears the slightly older boy sigh and walk towards the bed, then feels the blanket get torn off of her.

"Time to wake up, (Y/N). Have you ever made breakfast?" He looks down to the girl as she rubbed her eyes and stretched as she shook her head no.

"No. My momma always cooked, then there were other slaves that made food." When she opened her eyes, she watched Ja'far as he walked over to his desk and grab a small, thin box. He placed it on the foot of the bed. "What's in the box?!" She crawls over to it and grabs onto it as Ja'far walks towards the door, his back facing her.

"Rurumu and I went shopping before I woke you. Put the clothes on. If you're going to work here, you shouldn't wear those tattered clothes." He shuts the door behind him and walks towards Rurumu's room to see her walk out. "I just woke her."

"Oh? I hope she likes her outfit... You're the one that picked it after all." The two of them hear a squeal from the room Ja'far left her in, making Rurumu smile. "I think I got my answer." A few moments later, they see (Y/N) run up to them, then jump on Ja'far, making him stumble back a bit.

"I love it! Thank you!" She lets go of him and hops up and down in happiness. "Well, let's go make breakfast, Ja'far!" She grabs his hand and drags him into the kitchen while Rurumu giggled to herself as she followed them. When she walked in, she saw that (Y/N) had already started getting into things while Ja'far was trying to make sure nothing fell on her as she dug her way around.

"Be careful, (Y/N)!"

"For what?" She looked up at him with food in her arms, her big, (E/C) doe eyes staring into his. He scoffed and turned away, face slightly flushed as he looks at Rurumu.

"Are you two having fun?"

"No!/Yes!" The two of them answered at the same time as she brought the food over to the counter. Ja'far rubs the bridge of his nose as Rurumu stood behind him, smiling to herself.


"Yes?" Before he could look up to her, he feels her give him her signature 'Rurumu Chop'. "What was that for?!"

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