I'm the princess of werewolves who is princess of vampires,demons and angels

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Autumn came as quickly as a cheetah running after its prey or I for mine. As the couple ran for their dear lives I stopped and walked steadily, waiting for the right moment.

I went back into the dark shadows of the forest watching the couple looking around to see if the monstrous beast was still chasing them. " See I told you it wo-" , the man stopped when he saw me, a young girl with long black slightly curled hair that wrapped around her curvy nude body stopping at her feet, full kissable red lips, and two glowing lime green eyes with purple flecks outline with midnight blue.

' To bad this man didn't know that this beautiful person was the thing he was running from' I thought to myself. The woman turned to see the same thing expect covered in blood with a wicked smile on her face. The woman snapped out of her trance and looked for the man only to find a dead man in a puddle of blood. Before she could turn back to face me I went back into the darkness. I turned into my wolf form and howled at the moon; Soon enough the whole pack was here tearing the dead man limb from limb while I and two others continued to chase after the woman.

I turned to my right to see Christian with his silky white fur glistening in the moonlight, to my left was micheal and his amber colored fur blending in with the autumn leaves. As we kept running I shook my head telling them that we should split up and they agreed. Me and my black fur with bloody red tips on my paws ears and tail were alone running in the dark forest until I heard a scream that sounded so painful the fur my back stood up and then the smell of blood and dead flesh filled the air but it wasn't the normal fresh dead skin but skin that had been dead for centuries which only meant one thing.


I ran faster than any thing any of these worlds have ever seen soon I made to a clearing. There was a beautiful lake shimmering in the moonlight outlined with blue lilies it was an unbelievable sight. Soon I spotted the woman drained of all her blood. I changed into my human form and moved her on her side. I looked around making sure no one was there. but then I heard a twig snap, I turned to see....


Sorry about the cliff hanger but I got tired. Please tell me if you liked it because I don't know if I should finish this. So PLEASE COMMENT!!!!

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