Chapter 12

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Angel's POV

I woke up from the few-hours-nap to find that Xander was still sleeping but even in his asleep state, his hand was slightly rubbing my tummy.

But then I discovered my sudden urge to use the toilet. Why does it always come on moments like this?!

The twins were so cute when they slept. Okay, that came out as if I have watched them while they were sleeping but I swear I'm not some Edward Cullen. Seriously though, they looked cute. And that is also why I couldn't help myself and admire Xander's face.

His soft lips were slightly parted and from time to time his pink tongue gently slipped over them, so that they weren't dry. His eyebrows were scrunched a little and he tightened his hold on me, his face relaxing again in satisfaction.

"Are you hoping to play that Edward-guy in the next horrible movie they're going to make about them? Because with all that staring at me while I'm sleeping, I'm sure you'll get the role."

And he ruined the moment.

I glared at him while my cheeks heated up.

He opened his eyes and smiled at me lazily, pulling me closer and stuffing his face into my neck.

I whined and he chuckled breathily, pressing feather-like kisses to my neck making me shiver.

I pushed him away slightly making him whine and pout at me.

I only giggled at that, making him smile again.

"I can get up now, yes?"


I could see he was about reject the idea but I glared at him with the deadliest glare I could muster, daring him to disagree with me.

"You look like a little mad kitten like that."

I huffed in response and turned around in his arms, crossing my arms over my chest, silently deciding to ignore him until he lets me get up.


I didn't respond, not even acknowledging that he had said something.


Now he turned me around to face him but I turned my head away, not looking at him.

He groaned.

"Angel, baby, please don't ignore me. You know we only want what's best for you."

Still ignored.

He sighed and mumbled something under his breath.

"Okay, fine, you can get up but I have to be with you at all times."

I only nodded in response - still not looking at him - got up from the bed and went to the closet. What's the point in trying to talk with them if they're not listening? I've been trying for the past week and now I have had enough.

He trailed behind me, looking more like a lost puppy than anyone has the right to.


I just hummed a random tune to myself and picked out clothes for myself to wear, still ignoring him. I finally decided on some comfy grey sweatpants and a jade shirt that showed my belly button if I rose my hands above my shoulders.

Taking the clothes, I went to the bathroom and closed the door in Xander's face.

I was still mad at them for keeping me locked in the room for a whole week. Yes, I know they only want what's best for me but I'm sure I could've done at least the eating part by myself. And I couldn't see anyone else for that week either because they wouldn't let anyone into our room. It took me hours to convince them to let me call my family! I had to threaten them with the fact that my parents will take me back home, away from them.

I got changed and went into the bedroom again where I saw Xander sitting on the edge of the bed, head in his hands and whimpering quietly. Slight guilt began eating at me and I nibbled on my lip. Maybe ignoring had been a bit too extreme?

I sat on the bed next to him and started to rub his back gently, trying to calm him down.


He raised his head to look at me and I noticed his eyes were a bit red and his lower lip wobbled a bit.

I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled him to me, pressing our foreheads together.

"It's okay. Shhh."

I kissed his nose, then his forehead and both cheeks.

He purred a little and rubbed our noses together.

"I'm sorry we haven't let you out of the room even when you wanted to."

"It's okay, I understand. I just want you to understand that I'm capable of taking care of myself and I certainly don't need you guys to feed me even if I'm on my period. I want you to listen when I tell you that I'm alright. It was very sweet of you guys to take care of me and I thank you for that but please listen to me when I need you to, okay?"

He smiled slightly and nodded.

"Anyway... can we go now?"

He chuckled at my eagerness and picked me up so that my legs and arms were wrapped around his muscly frame while one of his hands went under my butt to support me and the other around my waist. I rested my cheek onto his shoulder and grinned at him which made him look at me in adoration.

Xander walked out of the room with me holding onto him and went down the stairs at the end of the hallway. Getting downstairs he went to the living room where Lisa, Landon, Chris, Katherine and Thomas were watching some kind of a movie. The room was pitch black, the only source of light being the TV, so once Xander switched the light on, they all jumped in their seats and turned to face us. Their glares though turned into faces of surprise when they noticed me in Xander's arms.

Chris shot up from his seat and ran to us arms open wide.

He ripped me away from Xander's hold and almost crushed me with his tight hug.

"Angel! Oh, I thought you were dead! I thought they killed you and wouldn't let anyone in the room just to hide your body! Oh my little sweetie pie!"

I managed to glance at Xander and he was furious, his eyes nearly black and nostrils flared as he tried to control himself.

He snatched me back into his arms, growling at Chris. I could finally breath again! Xander quickly checked my body for injuries and calmed down a little when he didn't find any. But he was still mad.

"You could've hurt her! Her stomach pain could have come back!"

Chris whimpered at the thought of his Luna being in pain as did the others.

"She was in pain?"

I could see the remorse in Chris' usually happy eyes and I could see that he was clearly upset with himself.

"Xander," I scolded him.

"The pain wouldn't of had come back by someone hugging me and it's over for this month now anyway."

Suddenly, Xavier stormed into the room and ran to us.

"What's going on?!"

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