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YOONGI was staring so intensely into your eyes, you felt like he was taking your soul. Why the sudden mood change in him?

"Well?" He asked in husky voice, sending shivers down your spine.

"Yoongi, let go. You're hurting me..." You pleaded weakly, thinking if you said it gently he would comply.

Boy were you wrong.

He only tightened his grip, forcing you to look at him again. He turned you around to face him completely; gripping your shoulders as he backed you into the wall.

"Who were you with...I have to know." He whispers in a deep, dark tone. His lips touched the shell of your ear, making you flinch.

"W-why?" You stutter out in fear, leaning away from him.

"Because angel, no one else should see how pretty my baby is. No one should see your smile, hear your laugh, or even so much as touch you." He stroked your cheek, peering down at your scared form.

Why was he being like this?

You suddenly thought back to what Baekhyun had told you about Chanyeol. Maybe it was a possibility...

"I don't like waiting baby, tell me who you were with."

Your E/C eyes met his face. He looked so much like an angel, it was hard to believe he was acting so possessive right now.

"Just one of my friends I went to sc-school with."

"Hmmm, who?"

You weren't bad at lying, not that you did it a lot. But let's just say you got away with a few things here and there as a child.

"Someone I know?"

"Yes." You lied to him, and as bad as you felt, you knew if he had anything to do with Chanyeol's disappearance, you definitely didn't want to involve Baekhyun.

"Good. I'm sorry for scaring you. I just can't let anyone have you. My pretty baby."

He was back to normal again. That sweet gummy smile that always made you melt returned.

Was he bipolar?

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