La Vie Boheme

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~Previously on Fairy Tail Rent~
Erza and Lucy finally met up with the others. The only one they could find was Natsu.

After a few minutes Natsu comes running to Blue Pegasus with very good news.

Gray: Hey where have you been?
Natsu: Sorry I was talking with the 11 o' clock Magnolia News, they said that your show was amazing Lucy.
And they bought off the video of your show...

Everyone: *cheers*

Natsu: They are going to Or your show in the 11 o' clock news.

Lucy kisses Natsu.

Lucy: How can I repay you?
Erza: Ok... ok... we are good now let the boy buy us dinner.
Lucy: Ok pookie.. I love you
Erza: I love you too.

Manager: No, please no
Not tonight, please no
Mister, can't you go
Not tonight, can't have a scene

Gray: What?

Manager: Go, please go, you - hello sir!
I said no, important customer

Natsu: What am I, just a blur?

Manager: You sit all night
You never buy

Natsu: That's a lie
That's a lie
I had a tea the other day

Manager: You couldn't pay!

Natsu: Oh, yeah

Rogue: Well now we can... Ka pow... *pulls out money*

Lucy: Gajeel Redfox... The enemy of Avenue A

Gajeel: I would like to propose a toast
To Maureen's noble try
It went well

Lucy: Go to hell

Gray: Why did Muffy-

Gajeel: Mirajane

Gray: -Miss the show?

Levy: There was a death in the family

*play that shit!!!*

Rogue: Who died?

Levy: Our akita

Natsu and Gray: Evita

Gajeel: You make fun, yet I am the one
Attempting to do some good
Or do you really want a neighborhood
Where people piss on your stoop every night?

Bohemia, Bohemia's
A fallacy in your head
This is Calcutta
Bohemia is dead

Natsu: Dearly beloved, we gather here to say
Our goodbyes

Gray and Sting: Dies Ira, Dies Illa
Kyrie Eleison
Yitgadal V' Yitkadash (etc.)

Natsu: Here she lies,
No one knew her worth
The late great daughter of Mother Earth
On this night when we celebrate the birth
In that little town of Bethlehem
We raise our glass
You bet your ass to...
La Vie Boheme

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